Are There Good Protein Bars Without Soy?

When people want to get in shape or lose weight, they usually focus on exercising more and eating healthier. Nonetheless, our busy lifestyle typically makes it difficult to stay with healthy foods consistently, because meals require effort to prepare.

I know personally that immediately after a long run or an exhausting swim, the last thing I want to do is cook a meal. I am usually too exhausted and simply want something fast and easy to consume.

That is where nutrition bars are helpful. They usually consist of a variety of different nutrients, and they are small and easy to carry with you so we can conveniently eat them while out running errands. They are specifically nice to have after a gym class when we are not at home to cook a healthy meal.

That said, there is a downside to protein bars.

Some items contain just as much unhealthy ingredients as healthy ones. We may not be eating anything beneficial, and sometimes, we might be no worse off eating a candy bar.

Soy Protein Isolate

One common component found in many protein bars is soy protein isolate. Some products even have this listed as the main ingredient. Soy itself is not always bad, however most of the soybeans developed in the United States have actually been genetically modified and can interfere with our hormones.

In addition, isolated soy protein is processed, which makes it a completely different food than the organic soybean alone. Overall, it’s a better idea to consume unprocessed foods in their taw or natural form as opposed to the processed alternative. Usually, processed foods contain less nutrients anyhow.

Occasionally eating a protein bar with this processed protein source may not have a significant effect. Nevertheless, in my opinion, I would not prefer to eat one every day after working out – specifically if I have alternative and easy choices.

Therefore, with a large number of supposed “healthy” bars on supermarket shelves with soy protein, where does one shop for an alternative option? It is taxing to read every item label, and many supermarkets do not carry a big selection.

Here’s Something Good

The good news is that there are an increasing amount of soy-free bars available today, due in part to the paleo lifestyle concept. Some paleo-friendly bars may not include as much protein as conventional bars, however, in many cases they have plenty.

To learn more on paleo protein bars that do not contain soy, click below.

This page is a good source to find out additional tips on low sugar protein bars.

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