Are there any vitamin supplements that will give me all the major vitamins in one supplement?

I was wondering if there were any vitamin pills that have pretty much all vitamins in one. I was looking for just one pill that had all major vitamins in it so i would not have to take very many pills.

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  1. lv_consultant says:

    the body has no storage capacity for water soluble vitamins. this is why for optimum nutrient utilization and health there must be many small meals consumed over the course of the day. when food is consumed the body will utilize the micronutrients that it needs for the moment and excrete the rest, expecting to be fed again several hours later. humans are designed to graze

  2. Dr. Patrick V. Suglia says:

    I am never a fan of the lucrative "multivitamins". The more vitamins you pack into one little tablet, the less amount you have of each. Besides, I tell my patients they really don't need vitamins unless a metabolic profile test shows that they have a deficiency of a particular vitamin, which is rare anyway.

  3. I take a multivitamin called Double X. It has been great. My energy has increased and I haven't had any colds since and its been almost 2 years! You definitely don't get the nutrition you need based on what you eat. Most people aren't eating healthy enough. Let me know if you'd want some more info or how to get it. [email protected]

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