Are there any supplements that i can take 2 prevent varicose veins?

i know all the preventive measures u can take i.e. the compression stockings, lifting legs, etc….but since i am a med student the resting/lifting legs isnt possible most of the time…so i was wondering if one can take some kind of supplement, and which? do supplements containing blueberry help? i would greatly appreciate any help!…thanx ­čÖé

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  1. IndianIMG says:

    Being a med student you should know better. These supplements are crap. I just wonder whether you have varicose veins or are you just freaked out because you have started standing a lot during dissections!! Varicose vv. are rare before 50.

  2. Arbonne makes a varicose vein supplement–whether or not it truly works -I don't know-but their other products are great!! check it out at Arbonne International .com

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