if you are a vegetarian you obviously don’t eat meat rite? So they need protein and they take protein supplements. Are the protein supplements better than the protein you get from eating meat?
Which is better for you? do you get more from eating meat or the same?

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  1. That’s a tricky question. Essentially the protein supplement comes from the real thing. From the way you asked; it seems like "the real thing" equates to meat… if that’s the case; then yes; protein powder is better than meat. I recommend a soy based protein powder despite the lies about how harmful soy could be for you.
    NASA came up with the industrialization of supplements when they sent the first astronauts up there for obvious reasons. Few people were getting a proper amount of protein before then; those who knew about proper nutrition and had the means to make their own supplements. The rest of people had been told about meat and milk and so forth… sadly, lies.
    Meat is an animal protein. It takes so much unnecessary work for the metabolism to digest and "humanize" the little protein value of meat.
    Milk is good for calves. Nature produces things in a given order. Breastfeeding is great for children. Cow milk is good for calves. If taken by humans it increases the production of mucus and since cancer cells eat mucus, your cancer cells grow increasing your chance to come up w/ some kind of cancer quite dramatically. Specifically, prostate and breast cancer is being linked to milk as tobacco was linked to lung cancer in the past. See dr. Plank’s research from the UK.
    If you are adamant about not taking soy products, but the idea of vegetable protein being easier to assimilate than meat still makes sense, then try legumes. They have a healthy combination of protein and carbohydrates; just the way nature makes it. Just perfect for the body.
    the reason why supplements are good to take (as a supplement to a balanced diet) is that they are scientifically designed to provide you with the right amount of vitamins and minerals the body needs.
    Every time you eat, sleep, think, walk, talk… etc, (as long as you are alive) your body spends calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus…. vitamins and minerals. Unlike general reserves of food, the body does not store vitamins and minerals. If you want your body to give you peek performance, it’s only fair to provide it with all those nutrients daily. A supplement makes it easier because no matter how well thought out your weekly menu might be, there’s nothing to assure you that you got the right amount of betakarotine, zink, and so forth in your daily menu. At best you’ll put in the right amount in average for the week. But is so much practical to just take the supplement.

  2. dahawaiian22 says:

    im gonna say the protein shakes are better cuz they’re filled with your daily nutrients and like 1 gram of fat (depending on the brand you get) and meat is filled with a bunch of unhealthy non sense lol thats what i got for u

  3. Just for u C says:

    average person consumes enough proteins from a daily meal. Therefore, consuming extra protein from protein supplements only leads to an excess of protein the body. The body then uses the protein that it needs and stores the rest as fat. Naturally, if you look at it this manner, protein shakes not effective.
    However, if you carefully plan out your diet and make sure that the protein from your food combines with the protein from these shakes and results in the amount that your body requires each day- they can prove to be quite effective. All you need to do is measure your weight in pounds and multiply this number with 0.36.

  4. I’d say yes they are better for you, include what you need and none of what you don’t. The type used as training aids have all the amino acids/proteins the body needs and are great for people who exercise regularly to aid recovery in smaller doses, but be careful though don’t get the mass ones or you’ll find yourself rapidly increasing your fat/calories intake!

  5. flingebunt says:

    Protein supplements should contain amino acids. These are not protiens but they are the building blocks are protiens. Often diets, especially vegetarian diets don’t contain the right mix of amino acids to build muscle properly.

    So a true animo acid supplement will be high effective at building muscle and muscle bulk.

    Because of the dergulated US market for protein supplements, many of them don’t contain much protien supplement at all, so are basically rubbish.

    Meat is the most effective source of protiens and amino acids.

    As a vegetarian a little research and a carefully plan diet will give you every thing that you need.

  6. From a perspective of someone who does heavy lifting and eats plenty of meat vs. drinking a shake such as "Muscle Milk", the shake is better when you drink it a while before bed time, in the mornings I feel considerably less sore and tired. Though the drink is a bit expensive, I think its like 4 or 6 1 pint drinks for 8 dollars, but it helps get you through the week. If you could find it in powder form it might be cheaper.

    I enjoy the hell out of meat, but it does have draw backs, such as the other factors besides proteins, including fats and whatever was in the animal’s system at the time of death (minerals/toxins, not a flu).

  7. Your body doesn’t need a lot of protein… I get all I need from nuts & veggies… to much protein leaches calcium from your bones, that’s why so many foods are fortified with calcium.

  8. Searchingeye says:

    i already told you,………….

    VEGETARIAN Foods Is The Best and Rich In Protiens Than Meat..
    you Get Several Compounds Which Is Not Available in Meat Too..
    Whenever You Are Getting Rich Than That It Mean.. Even You Get Equivalent In Veg Too..

  9. Legumes and corn have all the amino acids you need.
    (Where do you think that hamburger you had for lunch got all it’s protein from?)

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