Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmless Compared to Regular Ones?

A lot of people are still uncertain about electronic cigarettes, which use electronic devices to work. This is a substitute for cigarette smoking. People say that nothing can take the place of real cigarettes and say that these new electronic devices can even be more damaging than regular cigarettes. People have already marked these new products as lower than regular cigarettes, even without adequate information. But, comments from users found on the Internet and other documents say that the electronic cigarette is becoming a safer alternative for smoking and may even be a way to stop the bad habit completely.

Product manufacturers are not promoting that this can be a tool to quit smoking because this sets the alarms of the FDA. Users using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to regular cigarettes to make a move in the smoking confirmed these statements.

To give an overview of what an electronic cigarette is made of, here are the fast facts:

1. The electronic cigarette has 3 parts, the rechargeable battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. The rechargeable battery is the long white part while the cartridge looks like the usually orange colored filter in the regular cigarette. The atomizer is the added feature in the electronic cigarette that makes this product.

2. One cartridge is usually equivalent to 6 regular cigarettes. The battery can be charged via a USB port. The atomizer can be changed quarterly, depending on usage. A LED light at the tip of the e-cigarette illuminates when used.

3. In electronic cigarettes, there is no tobacco. You’ll only find nicotine solution that copies the taste of regular cigarettes. This takes out around 4,000 chemicals in tobacco and the tar that causes yellow teeth, bad smell, bad breath and bothers most nonsmokers.

4. You can smoke anywhere and not cause air pollution because e-cigarettes don’t reek of tar. You can even smoke it in air-conditioned places.

5. How the electronic cigarette works: When you use the e-cigarette and inhale, the processor detects the air flow and adds a small amount of nicotine from the cartridge into the atomizer that vaporizes it.

6. You can select from different flavors which different brands offer. You can also use of various formulations of nicotine solution. Formulations may range from regular to nicotine-free.

With these facts laid out for you, you can rightfully say that electronic cigarettes are much safer than the regular cigarettes. After some time of ignoring this product in the market, even the FDA reported that these new devices that imitate smoking are also safe to use.

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