Are electronic cigarettes any healthier?

An e-cigarette or smokeless cigarette is a small device designed to appear as the standard traditional cigarette. Inside the e-cigarette there is a rechargeable battery, an atomizer (the heating element) and an e-liquid (a small nicotine liquid reservoir). During the cigarette inhalation process, a sensor activates the atomizer, which quickly heats the nicotine liquid transforming it to a vapor form. This vapor is exhaled just like the normal cigarette smoke and you can feel it normally or even blow O’s with it as you would with the regular smoke from the usual cigarette.

The major difference is that unlike the traditional cigarette smoke, the vapor does not contain tar, carbon monoxide or any other carcinogens. The electronic cigarette has got also a LED light at its tip which lights when you puff the cigarette. These features are intended to make it appear just like regular cigarettes.

The e-cigarettes carry the same sensation, odor and enjoyment of smoking just as the regular traditional cigarettes do without causing any health harms. What make the e-cigarette different and less damaging from the traditional cigarette are its components. It contains consumable cartridges of different strengths and flavors that comprise of propylene glycol, tobacco flavor scent and the nicotine substance. This enables the electronic cigarette users to enjoy producing the blatant and craving satisfaction like traditional smokers do. The atomized smoke formed from the e-cigarette is harmless and is easily evaporated into the air.

Research proves that the consumption of an e-cigarette is far much better from the traditional cigarette because they not only prevent the user from health damages but also the people around them. This is so since they emit smokeless vapor. The readily available e-cigarettes in the market today have been tested by the WHO Tobacco Regulatory Group and are not harmful to their consumers. However, there are some Chinese imitations of the e-cigarettes that might seem very cheap currently available in the market. These imitations cost a fraction of the normal price of branded electronic cigarettes and resemble the actual electronic cigarettes. They are manufactured by unscrupulous merchants who have traversed the electronic cigarette bandwagon in order to profit from their substandard products.

E-cigarettes are better than the regular cigarettes since other than nicotine which is safe, they do not have harmful chemicals that are found in the original tobacco that is used to make traditional cigarettes. This protects the e-cigarette consumers from the risks of catching up diseases since most of the diseases that come up as a result of smoking are due to the thousands of toxin contain in tobacco. In addition to this, the electronic cigarettes diminish the secondhand smoke revelation as they do not emit smoke. For secure and enjoyable smoking experience try the e-cigarettes smoking habit. Although e-cigarettes may seem the most excellent option for quitting smoking, most study have confirmed that there is no surety that they’ll help give up smoking.

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