Appropriate Bedding For Your Dog

Bedding is very important for a dog, particularly a puppy which has just been taken away from its mother. In fact, if you can organize it, it is a good idea to leave a blanket with your puppy when it is still with its mother and siblings, that way the blanket will remind him of home, which will be a big consolation to it in its early days of loneliness.

The best cloth to use for your blanket is wool. Wool is absorbent and so retains some moisture and smells, which will help the animal feel at more home. Wool is also pretty tough and warm, not that warmth is actually a priority for a dog that lives in the house.

There is no need to buy a purpose-made blanket for your dog. You can cut down an old blanket of your own, a metre square is roughly correct. This is big enough for any dog, will fit in a dog basket comfortably and is yet not too large to go in the washing machine every couple of of months. If you do not wish to run to the expense of using a blanket of wool, you could make use of an old towel, as towels are also absorbent.

Most dog owners permit their pets to sleep in the house and some even permit their dog to sleep on the bed. If you permit your dog to sleep in the house, it is best not to give food to him after around six or seven o’clock or you will have to let him out or take him out late at night.

It is better to feed your dog twice a day than just once and be careful of leaving food down all day, particularly if there is no-one at home during the day to let him out.

If you decide to leave your dog in the garden all day and night, you will have to provide even more refuge for him. A kennel or dog house is the best way of doing this. A kennel ought to have a wooden floor which is a few inches above the ground.

You could put a few inches of straw in the kennel for your dog to make his bed and you can put a blanket or two in there too. Do not worry about what you think it ought to look like, your dog knows best in these matters. If you can not run to either blankets or towels, believe it or not your dog will be just as happy with crumpled up sheets of newspaper for bedding. Newspaper is soft, absorbent and astonishingly warm, which is why tramps use it. It is also cheap and easy to replace when it gets dirty after rainfall.

A dog instinctively tries to make a nest to sleep in. I am sure that you will have noticed that dogs walk around in a circle three times before lying down. This is to flatten the grass before lying down and they do it whether there is grass underneath them or not. If you supply some kind of bedding he will not be wasting his time.

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