An X Ray Technician Salary

You will be surprised to know how much and x ray technician salary is. X ray technicians play a vital role in our community. They are the ones who prep people for X rays in order to be able to detect broken bones and other health issues which are not evident from the outside. Most technicians enjoy adequate salary that allows them to enjoy comfortably. However, not all X ray technicians go into this field in order just to earn decently, they are also there because they want to provide valuable services to those who need it.

X Ray Tech Salary

According to a survey done by the BLS or the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an x-ray tech earns an average of $52,000 per year. Figures are based on a survey the BLS did last 2008. In the same year, half of the x-ray techs that participated in the survey made incomes ranging from $42,000 to $63,000 for one year. Based on the survey, the lowest earners made equal to or less than $35,000 a year. On the other hand, the highest earners made equal to or less than $75,000 a year.

The incomes of these technicians are also affected by the nature and scope of their jobs. Below is a list that breaks down the average salary of x-ray techs based on the kind of work they do:

* Techs working in laboratories are paid an average of $55,000 per year.

* The federal government paid them approximately $53,700 per year.

* You will earn $52,000 each year working in a hospital

* Working in an outpatient clinic or center pays an approximate amount of $50,000 per year.

* Private Physicians paid an average of $48,500 per year.

Prospects for Employment

A good salary is only one reason to pursue a career in this field. According to the BLS, there will be growth in this industry over the next decade. They anticipate that by the year 2018, there will be 17 percent more x-ray tech jobs than there are now. Some of these jobs will be created due to an aging population that needs more health care. Other jobs will be created by people retiring and leaving the field.

There are certain trainings and courses you can take aside from the basic X Ray technicians course you get at a university such as Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance. If you have training and certification on these fields, you will be able to find a job easily along with a higher salary.

The only disadvantage of an X-ray tech is that job availability is rare in some states. For example, there is more job opportunities when you are in New York or California than in Texas or New Orleans. If you happen to reside in a state where the need for X-ray technicians is low, you may have to move to another state that has better job offerings.


You can easily enroll in the various universities that offer X-ray tech courses. When it comes to certifications, programs and trainings, there are about 35 bachelor’s degrees, 397 associate degrees and 213 certifications that you can choose from.

Once you have the proper training and certification, you can then apply for a job and earn a decent x ray technician salary. You may have to check first if the country or state where you currently reside has needs for X ray technicians.

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