An Evaluation Of Whether E-Cigs Are Actually Like The Real Macoy

The electronic cigarette provides an alternate route to smoking without the thousands of harmful chemicals included in regular cigarettes. Nicotine is the prime reason why smokers get addicted to cigarettes. But nicotine alone do not make the cigarettes; there are thousands of other toxins involved, many of which can cause cancer. Many of these toxins are the primary reason for cancer and other life threatening diseases among smokers. On the other hand electronic cigarette and the clearomizer 510 for example only supplies the smoker with nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are even fashioned the same way as regular cigarettes so that smokers can get used to it. Electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco so you are free to smoke away in public places.

The liquid substance inside electronic cigarettes is called e-liquid. E-liquids are devoid of tar and carbon monoxides contained in regular cigarettes. The producers of e-liquids assure that no toxins are used when developing the liquids. E-liquid contains solutions like propylene glycol, which is used as vegetable glycerin. This solution is more or less used as food and approved by the FDA. Apart from this the rest of e-liquid is mostly nicotine, water, scent and membrane.

For competition different manufacturers of e-liquid use different ingredients; some of which have been stated by the FDA as harmful. The manufacturers that have been flagged mostly used diethylene glycol. It is highly recommended to check the ingredients of any e-liquid, before inhaling its contents.

Electronic cigarettes have three parts that are disposable: battery, cartridge and atomizer. The battery powers the atomizer and the LED light at the front. The cartridge contains the e-liquid that is to be inhaled by the smoker. The liquid nicotine is heated to vapor by the atomizer. To make it even real the atomizer releases smoke just like a real cigarette, but it is actually just water vapor. The LED light at the front imitating a real fire also makes it look more real.

Electronic cigarettes can contain flavors of your choosing. You have choices like chocolate, strawberry, menthol, coffee, vanilla etc. Even the taste and scent of actual tobacco can also be found.

Electronic cigarettes are not just used by smokers but also those who are trying to quit smoking. They work far better than most programs and nicotine patches. Electronic cigarettes act as a nicotine delivery system that removes the need for tobacco among smokers. Many smokers have achieved more in months with electronic cigarettes than they did with nicotine patches for years. A smoker’s social life can benefit a lot from electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, so the passive smoking effects are no longer present. Traditional cigarettes are known for their bad odors. The odors clinging to the cloths of the smoker do not help either. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand can be equipped with sweet smells.

The empty cartridges can be refilled with e-liquid or replaced by one that is pre-filled. Electronic cigarettes not only help to quit tobacco but also decrease negative health effects by a huge margin; so it is far better than traditional cigarettes.

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