An Employment Law Firm Can Protect Your Business

As business manager or owner, you know that your most complex business operation is managing your employees. The volume of federal, state, and local laws governing how you handle your employees only continues to grow. Having the right employment law firm by your side as you navigate these complex issues is vital to the long term health of your company.

An employment law firms can help your company handle a wide array of legal issues. The larger your company, especially if you have employees living in different jurisdictions, the more issues you’ll have. However, even a small company needs to understand which laws apply to it and how to most effectively comply with them, from both a legal and business perspective.

A good employment law firm should be able to support your company on any type of employment law, including the most sensitive issues. Keeping your hiring and firing practices in line with such federal laws as the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Equal Pay Act is critical to avoiding costly and embarrassing lawsuits in the future. The list of relevant federal laws on issues of affirmative action and discrimination includes far more than what is listed here; you can’t manage it all on your own.

There is also the matter of benefits laws, like ERISA and COBRA, just to start. The scope of your benefits package and its administration is an issue that directly impacts all your employees. As highly regulated area of the law, you don’t want to leave your company vulnerable for not being in full compliance.

Your company can also take advantage of having their employment lawyers with them during visits from government agencies regulating work place safety. You never need to be alone when dealing with OSHA. Your attorneys will act as the intermediary between your management team and the government.

Finally, your attorneys will also be there to represent you vis a vis organized labor. If you are a union shop, they can advise you on issues such as strike preparation and collective bargaining. If your workers aren’t unionized, you can use their guidance to respond legally and appropriately to a union campaign.

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