An Easy Sausage Gravy Recipe

Gravy is a unique sauce which is made from the cooked juices of meats or vegetables. There are many different variations of the dish but thicker versions are often a popular breakfast staple throughout Europe and North America, where using a sausage gravy recipe to make the dish and then eating it with or over fresh biscuits is a long held tradition.

To make tasty and thick batches of gravies, you must gather up all of the necessary ingredients first. These tend to include plain salt, whole milk, black pepper, ground sausage, and all purpose flour. The sausage you decide to use can be any flavor you like and either be turkey or pork and the entire dish is best prepared in deep sided pans or medium sized skillets. As it was before mentioned, thickened gravies are popularly consumed with either canned or homemade buttermilk biscuits.

Begin by slicing up the ground breakfast sausage into roughly one inch portions and then arrange them in the heated greased skillet or pan. Follow the package directions of the sausage when cooking them, flipping them until their middles are no longer red. Once their thoroughly cooked, remove the sausage patties to a plate or paper towel so that they can dry out.

Next you will need to dispose of some of the sausage’s leftover grease, depending on how much gravy you wish to make. A large batch will likely require all of the grease while smaller ones will need slightly less. Be sure to dispose of any unneeded grease properly as the substance can damage or clog up a regular sink.

In the very same skillet, pour between four and two tablespoons of the flour in and stir it into the grease quickly. Let your creation sit on the burner for a few more minutes on medium or low heat.

Continue to mix the creation with a flat whisk until you have blended it thoroughly. Add in more of the extra grease if you feel it’s too thick and more of the flour if you think it seems a bit too watery. Once it is the appropriate consistency you should continue whisking it regularly over the stove for three more minutes until it is a nice shade of tan or light brown.

Keep on mixing and begin pouring in the milk. Start with just one cup, mix it in, and then add more and more until all the lumps have dissipated and the mixture is creamy and smooth. Add in the black pepper and salt until you approve of the taste and keep stirring the newly created gravy. Turn the burner to its lowest setting and then let it sit while you chop the sausages into bite sized chunks. Then, toss the patties in the mix and continue stirring it.

When you’re ready, pour the mixture over a plate of warm toast or biscuits and keep any leftovers stored in the fridge.

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