An Athletic Fitness Program to Develop a Powerful Chest

Virtually all athletes should do their best to help maintain and improve upon their personal fitness should they desire to excel in their own sport. By building a sound athletic fitness program and adhering to it, anyone can become a much better athlete.

Through this post, I’ll give you a routine that you can combine with your athletic fitness program that can help you build a powerful chest.

I’m not a huge fan of doing sets of bench press, after sets of bench press… after more sets of bench press. That is just a Mundane addition to a physical fitness program. Furthermore, there are plenty of individuals around who believe that bench press is actually a ineffective lift, and, while I do not fully agree, I am aware of what they are just saying. It is a limited workout. And, if you want to construct a great athletic fitness program, it is advisable to vary your workout and get creative.

This particular one could be difficult to understand by merely looking at the sets and reps involved. So, I will make sure that I explain it in detail below so that you have a complete familiarity with the best way to carry this routine out and add it to your fitness training program.

This is not a whole training session. Nevertheless, this is a good superset, or circuit (whatever you desire to call it) to include in any physical fitness program. You’re going to carry out the superset four times. Here is what it will look like:

Your four supersets are going to involve the following:

-Max Rep Decline Push-Ups
-Max Rep Regular Push-Ups
-Max Rep Girl Push-Ups
-Max Reps Dumbbell Flys
-Max Reps Dumbbell Bench Press

This is the way you are going to carry out the superset/circuit:

1. You’ll start out the superset with decline push-ups and you are going to do those until you can no longer complete another repetition.

2. Immediately following your decline push-ups, place your toes back on to the ground, so that you return to the standard push-up position, and then complete as many regular push-ups as you can. When I do these, I can usually only perform 1-5 regular push-ups.

3. Once you’ve completed the maximum amount of regular push-ups possible, drop your knees to the floor and perform as many “girl” push-ups as you can. It is vital that you transition from the regular push-ups to the “girl” push-ups as quickly as possible. For example, if you are on the last regular push-up you are capable of doing, and you’re struggling to push yourself up, simply drop your knees and continue going. You will find that after 5-10 of these you will really feel it in your chest. However, don’t stop at a specific number; do as many as you possibly can.

4. Now, flip over, get your dumbbells and begin doing flys. There’s no need to get a bench, do them on the floor. The reason behind this, is because you have already performed a lot of repetitions and you probably wouldn’t be capable of getting in an efficient amount of reps by doing the entire range of motion. You will find that doing flys with your back on the ground will limit your motion and you will be able to perform more reps. Once again, do as many as you are able to.

5. After you have maxed out on your dumbbell flys, change to dumbbell press. This works much like the flys, as your range will be limited. Complete the maximum amount of reps possible.

You are going to carry out 4 of these supersets/circuits. Rest about a minute between each set.

Cooling down and fitness nutrition is important to enhancing personal fitness. Right after a difficult workout routine, it is important to the recovery process that you cool off with some light movements. Cooling down will help you return your heart beat to a normal level and will also help you get rid of waste products like lactic acid. You can cool down by lightly running and some stretching exercises.

Another critical component of a fitness training program, is to make sure that you are eating the correct foods. Fitness nutrition is very important to any athlete who would like to boost their personal fitness. If you want a list of foods that could be good for your state of health, take a look at this list of the top ten superfoods.

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