Am I Nervous?

What is the symptoms of nervous breakdown and what’s a nervous breakdown? I hope this post will put some light on this very widespread condition.

The brain is a finely tuned computer, which works by using chemicals in order to send impulses in between the nerves in the brain, just like a computer it has many programs, and many of which we do not control.

If you nevertheless do try to monkey around with the operating system in the brain, the results could very well be unlucky.

It is believed that we only have self-conscious command over roughly One percent of our brain functions. All the rest is locked down and controlled from the cells and instincts, since they perform more effective without having us interfering all of the time.

So how does this refer to the symptoms of nervous breakdown? Our brain has among lots of other things its own and unique alarm systems and self-preservation systems. One of these are the capability to sprits itself with adrenalin and endorphins when the brain senses that it is necessary, in order for our bodies to undertake more difficult tasks or discover a way out of potentially dangerous cases.

Though, a permanent exposure to this condition of the brain, can give some drawbacks, and may affect the chemical balance in your brain. It is this affect that is the symptoms of a nervous breakdown which we are looking to find. It’s also this particular imbalances that ultimately will cause you and your brain to come to a grinding stop and freeze up or maybe even get depressed.

Common symptoms of nervous breakdown are high blood-pressure, ringing in the ears, sleep-disorders, low appetite and reduced memory.

Should you neglect these signs and symptoms and continue with the work or way of life that’s stressing you, then you’ll more than likely get a depression as the outcome. Being burned out is known to have some severe effects on the blood pressure level and heart and will ultimately reduce your lifetime nearly in the same rate of that of a cigarette smoker.

Keep in mind if you discover the symptoms of nervous breakdown in due time, much pain and problems may be prevented.

Don’t forget that it is not only hardworking entrepreneurs that are at the risk of a anxious breakdown. Anybody who is exposed to a stress factor of some type may see the symptoms of nervous breakdown; this can include stay at home moms, teachers, children and so forth.

Hopefully this article gave you sime useful tips on nervous breakdown and Hopefully that it can help you or your loved ones to avoid this serious illness. For an example story on the symptoms of nervous breakdown you should visit my site

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