Always Keep Your Houses Secure By using Formaldehyde Monitors

At these times, I think all of us are aware of the hazards associated with carbon monoxide and natural gases, yet another kind of chemical gas that is actually a component of various products due to its low-priced value, is hazardous as well. Formaldehyde is the name of this gas compound. As a matter of fact, the more research I did on this dangerous chemical, the more products I found that contained it. If you visit our house, you will not find a single product that has the presence of formaldehyde. We have eliminated that in our home after we became conscious of its ill effects on our health.

Make-up is one product that can bare your skin to formaldehyde. When you are getting dressed, the formaldehyde in your clothes could be released as you touch them. Shampoos may also contain some parts of formaldehyde. Industrial materials, medicines to name a few, compost, domestic products, formalin, paints, furniture and house furnishings are among the many things that contains formaldehyde. Likewise, burning natural gases, fuels, charcoals, wood or tobacco also results to formaldehyde fumes. Formaldehyde is mainly applied in wood products, with particleboards, fiberboards and plywood taking up 33.33% of its total consumption. Formaldehyde release is at its highest when products are brand new. However later in the days that follow, it will slowly dissipate.

Formaldehyde is an organic compound in gaseous form. Its toxicity makes it a health risk substance and can cause cancer. Few of its symptoms are lightheadedness, nausea, constant weariness, rashes and hives. Some of the more serious symptoms are difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, ear infections, memory loss, depression, sleeplessness, aching joints and muscles, migraines, trouble focusing and weakness, and in the most serious of cases, cancer.

Formaldehyde has been existent for a hundred years and has flourished in the commerce industry. In 1998, in America, the production of formaldehyde was 11.3 billion pounds and in 2004, soared to a whopping 46 billion pounds and is on the increase. Since formaldehyde was a very big contributor to the commercial trade, prohibitions in including it in products bought by end users were very less likely. Nevertheless, during 1985, an ordinance in the State of Minnesota was passed stating that specified industrial materials that utilize urea formaldehyde must have warning labels indicating such.

It was a waste when we threw away the black leather bag that we recently procured. It had a strong and unpleasant smell of formaldehyde like a pickle. The best way to protect yourself from formaldehyde exposure is to get rid of anything that you suspect might be contaminated. Also, do not put things that have bare particle boards in your bedroom. Other ways to avoid formaldehyde’s toxic effects are to minimize having things that have it, placing alarm systems that detect it, and maintaining your ventilation systems. Formaldehyde alarm systems can sense the harmful gas from building and combusting materials especially in moving or pre-made houses.

Don’t endanger yourself. Be smart and use your common sense. If you doubt that formaldehyde may be present inside your house or around the house, do what you need to do to provide yourself and your loved ones a healthy environment.

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