Alternative Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight

Without having to resort to weight loss surgery, many seek steps they can begin taking to shed those extra pounds. To learn the 3 simple steps to lasting weight loss, take the case study of Manuel Uribe into account.

For some, simply eating right and performing regular exercise is enough of an effort to make their target weight. But for others, the process can be more difficult.

He refused though, saying he wanted to do it a more natural way. Instead of resorting to weight loss surgery, he began working with a doctor to create the right weight loss program and has seen remarkable success. With the help of his doctor, Manuel he has lost almost 1,000 pounds without the aid of weight loss surgery or anything else unnatural.

There are several factors that are affecting the amount of obese and overweight people in America. First, we, as a culture, do not do very much walking. We are either sitting at home, sitting at work, or sitting in our cars. Generally, we do not use public transportation to travel places; because of this, we spend a lot of time in our cars.

First, they created a diet that dropped his daily intake of calories to 2,000. His diet consisted of egg-white omelets, fresh salads, chicken fajitas, fish fillet and spring greens. This diet did two things for him. First, it reduced the sheer amount of food Manuel was eaten. Instead of eating several hearty meals, his food intake was reduced drastically. The second thing it did was concentrate his diet on healthier foods. He received a more balanced diet that contained all of the normal, healthy nutrients that the body needs. With a controlled diet, the body can start shedding excess fat.

Second, he began an exercise routine that he could handle in bed. Simply dancing around to music for an extend amount of time was better than nothing. Getting the heart rate up is what matters to burning fat. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes a day helps to shed the pounds the body doesn’t need to survive.

People especially don’t like changing the things that love and are familiar with. For example, they do not want to exercise more. They are used to rarely exercising or not exercising at all, so they do not want to change from that routine. Changing that routine would require work, effort, and pain, and people simply do not want to do it.

If a punching bag is not a good fit for the needs of the person looking to perform healthy cardio, then perhaps turning to the pool would be a respectable alternative. Swimming laps in a pool, like the other standard cardio exercise, has long since been a proven and effective cardio work out.

But they do not want to make the life changes necessary to do those things, so they are always on the lookout for a way to lose weight without the effort and pain of change. The sad thing is, when people go on these gimmicky weight loss plans, they usually end up gaining the weight right back when they stop the diet plan.

These gimmicks have temporary results, but rarely yield any lasting weight loss. If you have tried to lose weight and can’t, perhaps weight loss surgery is for you. Weight loss surgery is not right for everyone, but it could be right for you. Come into Jordan Valley Medical today to learn about the procedure that could change your life.

If you are at least 30 pounds overweight, have a 30 BMI (Body Mass Index) or higher, and one or more obesity related conditions, you should know that the LAP-BAND System at Jordan Valley Medical Center may be able to help you lose weight. This procedure helps you avoid weight-related health risks and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

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