All On 4 Implants: Procedures Giving People Their Food Palates Back

In the world of dentistry, all on 4 implants surgery is being used to provide people with teeth that are as close to the real thing as possible. The procedure has been proven time and time again to give people a renewed lease on enjoying foods of all kinds. The surgery is non invasive and can be performed in one day from start to finish making it ideal for people with low pain tolerances.

Surgery procedures such as this focus on the gum lines of the patient because this is where the implant will be placed. The dentist installs all four of the units in one sitting and this reduces both cost and pain in contrast to other procedures. Traditional implant procedures can take weeks to complete because each one is installed separately.

The process makes four individual implant sites on the top and four on the bottom depending on how much work is being performed. With this new technology, the need for a bone graph is often avoided decreasing any pain and increasing the turnaround time. The structure of the implant is cross stabilized when inserted so a person can go home with the new teeth even if extractions are required.

Because the implant surgery is done as a non invasive procedure, the patient can generally go home the same day even if additional extractions are required. Single implant surgeries are more expensive because they are performed during a series of visits. This type of surgery puts all four of the components at once and therefore is completed during one visit thus decreasing the cost.

When the procedure has been completed, the individual can enjoy food that they may not have been able to eat while wearing dentures. Being given back this freedom tends to have a positive effect on individuals and increases overall happiness. Along with more foods, the common problems with dentures such as using adhesive, having them adjusted all the time and overall discomfort is also removed.

Unfortunately the process is not for everyone because it is quite expensive, not as expensive as other procedures but still costly. The price per gum line either upper or lower ranges from 27,500 (19,275.2 EUR) to 35,000 US (24,532.1 EUR) . For both gums to have the procedure performed at the same time the cost is 50,000 US (35,045.9 EUR) and most insurances will not cover it.

No matter the cost, the all on 4 implants are paving the way to a more comfortable alternative for people wearing dentures. If a person is looking to have their teeth removed for whatever reason, looking into this procedure is a good idea. The future of the technology will only continue to improve and hopefully will come down in price at the same time.

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