AIDS And HIV – Medication And Symptoms

When it comes to STD’s everyone should make a note of some essential HIV facts in order to arm themselves with advice. The entire term or name is Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This viral is an infection in human beings in which the shape of the immune system is being affected by the HIV virus. The assault allows life-threatening aggressive infection and cancers to thrive in the human cells. The CDC HIV data packet states that it is a disease caused by blood transfusion, sperm and vaginal liquid transfer, or can also be transferred in breast milk.

In these body fluids HIV virus may stay as free virus elements. HIV infects vital cells in the natural immune system and if the disease is fully blown, it is called AIDS which means Acute Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Certain AIDS facts are that it often advances after about ten years of HIV infection if not treated accordingly. It is also true that people that developed AIDS normally die within a year if there is no AIDS treatment provided. The breakdown of the immune system is what the source of death to a person with AIDS illness usually is. HIV and AIDS have several symptoms.

The immune system is affected by this virus that results in the constant weakening of health. Symptomatic detection of this infection is not sure but one may be concerned if he has a constantly occurring fever, or probably a constant uneasy sweating in the evening. Some clinical information or facts about HIV symptoms may be identified by the following signs: Loss of weight, dry cough, always having temperature, easily get tired or lethargic, a few swollen lymph glands, diarrhea, and white spots on the tongue or other mouth parts, pneumonia, some memory loss, pessimism and other mental difficulties.

While Aids has also the same kind of symptoms, its treatment approach is the same with HIV. HIV cure is done by administering anti-retroviral and although it is sad to say that it does not entirely cure the infection, it enhances the life expectancy of the patient. There is no identified sure treatment for HIV or AIDS, but there are pills that can suppress the virus and make them be decreased in the body to the undetectable level. For now this using of antiretroviral therapy makes people infected with this virus lives longer than predicted. People infected with this malware can now live life as standard as possible and work for the greater.

An alliance of the Government, Health Companies, and the cooperative infected persons themselves formed a group known as the CDC HIV. The CDC HIV is an organization that assists patients with HIV or Aids. This organization does surveillance, research, and protection and evaluation activities for community health mission. People infected with this HIV virus or had AIDS are cautioned not to rely on symptoms. It is best to have an HIV/AIDS Test for good so that the infection which is a world epidemic could in reality be monitored. Everybody must know their Aids facts and their HIV Facts to stay protected and lead a healthy lifestyle as well as stop the rampant spread of this harmful disease.

AIDS symptoms

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