Aid Your Loved One’s Independent Living By Designing A Well-Equipped Disabled Bath

Whether your loved one is facing a temporary dilemma or a permanent problem, a disabled bath can help them. This room is the scene of over 200,000 accidents each year. The causes are typically slipping or falling because of slippery surfaces. Protect your loved one by installing the equipment that will keep them safer.

Disability equipment offers many features that can help people with a variety of illnesses. The type and degree of impairment are both important factors. If severely debilitated, more complex equipment, with additional safety features, may be required. In addition to speaking with a professional, your doctor can give you valuable advice about what devices should be used.

Simple non-slip appliques can reduce the potential for slipping and falling. Adding grab bars makes them even more effective. Tub seats make it easier to wash, particularly if flexible shower heads are installed. Sitting on a stable seat in the tub, and using a flexible shower head to wash and rinse can be refreshing and safe.

Attaching grab bars to walls near the toilet, shower or tub are of great help. Choose the length and type most appropriate for your needs. When sitting or moving, having a stable railing handy can prevent an accident. For extreme situations, or for heavy people, ceiling hoists can aid greatly in helping a person to move into position.

Back surgery and arthritis can make it difficult to sit on the toilet. Adjustable toilet seats provide additional height so sitting or standing up is much easier. After surgery, it is important to eliminate any stress near the incision.

Disabled equipment is available to make life easier for your loved one. The right design for the disabled bath could even help them to achieve independent living. Find a professional who specializes in this area to get advice about the products you should have installed.

When you live with a disability its important to get as much help as you can. Getting quality products such as a disabled bath from is a must a simple and effect solution.

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