Affirmations, Positive Sayings And How To Intensify Them

The use of positive affirmations in New Age Thinking is in abundant practice. Our thoughts, either positive or negative, are in a sense an affirmation. These thoughts create and reinforce our beliefs. It is our belief system that creates our personality and makes us who we are. In order to grow and improve ourselves, we must change our limiting beliefs.

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When you find some great positive sayings and quotes, write them down and repeat them over and over to yourself. It is a great way to start every day by reading the sayings that you have written down.We all know that our thoughts become things. Before anything is created, it is first a thought in someone’s mind. Nothing has ever been created without the thought was there as inspiration.

Sometimes we may not know “how” we are going to do something but we have that positive thought that we can achieve what we are thinking. By being positive and saying the thought over an over again, you are condition your subconscious mind that this is achievable.There are several examples of this thought our history. Take for example when President Kennedy wanted to put a man on the moon, no one was sure how it would be done, but what NASA did know that they had the will to do it.

Some of the most inspirational positive sayings and quotes, have been spoken by people who have achieved what they wanted t do. Henry Ford was a great believer that he could make a motor vehicle (as it became know). The Wright brothers had the idea for the aeroplane. It had never been done before but here were two bicycles mechanics that had the idea of flight.

One suggestion would be that if you like one particular template, to download it and use it several times in different arrangements such as horizontally or vertically in a collection to showcase a variety of your encouragement quotes, positive phrases, positive attitude quotes and other positivity quotes.You could also make up the same positive motivation quote postcard (or blow it up to a poster if the resolution is high enough) and cascade it in a set of three posters on your wall because using repetition in this fashion works well.

There are a variety of ways to use encouragement quotes, hope quotes, quotes on positive thinking and other good quotes to keep your energy uplifted and motivated. Once you have found positive sayings that have a strong emotional charge to them, a few good templates where you can put your positive quotes, and get a bit creative about decorating your walls with all of your positive quotes, you’re well on your way to becoming more positive on a moment to moment basis – even when you’re not thinking about it.

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