Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Homemade Lip Balm 2

A lot of people are using homemade lip balms, but not all of them know most of the advantages and disadvantages of using this beauty product. What we know mainly is that it helps in protecting and relieving chapped and dry lips. But there are other benefits and disadvantages that homemade lip balms have to offer. It is very significant that we know the benefits that we can get in using a certain product, as well as the disadvantages, and be able to weigh whether the benefits we get from that certain product outweigh its disadvantages or flaws.

Homemade lip balm advantages:

-Homemade lip balms are inexpensive and easy to prepare. You can also make use of ingredients that are oftentimes already available in most household. Aside from that, you can also make a homemade lip balm in a short period of time.

-In using homemade lip balms, you are assured that you only used those ingredients that you think would be safe for you to use and avoid those ingredients that maybe addictive or harmful for you. . That way you can avoid having lip irritation mostly caused by chemical moisturizers, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

-Making your own homemade lip balm will give you the independence to decide what ingredients you want to include in your concoction. Aside from that, you will als be responsible to choose what scent color and consistency you want for your lip balm, thus making sure that you will enjoy using your own product.

-Main reason why a person uses a lip balm is to provide the lips with protection to prevent it from drying and chapping. By using your own homemade lip balm, you can also be sure that chapping and drying of the lips caused by different external factors can be prevented.

Now here is a list of disadvantages of using homemade lip balms:

-Homemade lip balm making requires you to use quite a lot of your time even if the process of making it is not of long duration. The reason for requiring a lot of time is because there is a big possibility that after making your first homemade lip balm, you will not be satisfied with the result so you have to redo it again and again until you get your desired result.

-Finding the necessary ingredients to make your homemade lip balm may not be as easy as expected.

-Homemade lip balms may not stay as long on the lips as commercially prepared lip balms, so there’s a possibility that you may have to reapply homemade lip balms more often.

Whatever lip balm you choose to use, either homemade or commercially prepared , always make sure to choose that one that has no dangerous ingredients that may pose a risk on your health. Also bear in mind that mos products have their own pros and cons, so make sure to choose a product hat give you more benefits than disadvantage. try to make a research first before deciding what product to use or buy to be sure of getting the best lip balm that suits you.

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