Add Inches To Your Arms With This Dynamic Exercise

For several years, kettlebells have been popular among sportsmen wanting to build their strength and resilience. Latterly, these exercise devices have become reasonably popular among average people too. And among the exercises that most individuals love doing are those that work often on the arm muscles.

The rack squat is perhaps one of the best kettlebell arm exercises, which you should include in your exercise programme. Not only will this exercise prep your arms effectively for concentrated movements, and it works your glutes and offers a full-body workout.

This exercising is performed with one arm at a time. Flex your arm and hold your elbow by your hip, holding the weight such that it rests between your upper and lower arm. This is the starting position, which is sometimes called the rack position.

You should then squat as deep as you can while making sure that the hand with the kettlebell remains relaxed and your other hand doesn't rest on your thigh. Be certain to keep your heels flat on the ground when you squat and ensure your knees do not roll inward. It is advised that you do 3 sets for each arm with 8 repetitions per set.

Never forget to warm-up properly before you execute any exercise in order to avoid causing an injury. You should not forget to always keep the right form with each kettlebell exercise. Your core ought to be kept tight and your back straight through each movement.

Similarly, you should breathe properly and use weights that are just adequately heavy to challenge your muscles, but not too heavy as to cause too much strain. The amount of resistance for each exercise should allow you to do 10-12 reps in proper form. To give your arm muscles enough time to get over a workout and grow larger, you should take at least a day off between workouts.

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