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  1. EsmeraldaMoreno100 says:

    Not pills or anything, i did a zero cost treatment from Dietas y Peso . com and lose all that belly fat.

  2. Nightbird says:

    Adam no offense..I’m really happy you got your six pack and what not..but come on were NOT fat in your before shots. As a matter of looked pretty good in your before physique and much leaner than most guys out there. There are people out here who REALLY have weight issues..who are obese and need real help..and it just kind of strikes me as disingenuous how you promote yourself as having had a real weight problem when clearly you didn’t. You went from normal to ripped is all.

  3. getinenaturaldietify says:

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  4. dietweight91 says:

    wow you did get a lot of vieuws how do you do that ?

  5. FlashBlack says:

    metaborikku lol

    say metabolic man cmon

  6. libradaritadjv says:

    Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com FHG

  7. SmashingShinyRay says:

    What!? You are clearly blind.

  8. XD What a great comment. xDDD

  9. cloudberry121 says:

    “This dramatic transformation shocked the entire world.”

    I remember there was panic in the streets, riots, and the NYSE experienced chaos. I’m so glad those dark days are over.

  10. sutpylacopa says:

    he focus only on six packs not biceps

  11. frozengames123456789 says:

    f you start reading thins you CANT stop .Once ther was a little girl named Cecilia.She was a little 7 year old who got strangled and raped by a man =.If you dont post this to 15 other videos you will see CCecilia standing at the end of your bed with a knife and she will kill you
    You have to do this by midnight or you will be dead

  12. fixxxer928 says:

    Muki muki? The guy had no muscle when he flexed his arms loool

  13. wishywashy2016 says:


  14. xSiete4567x says:



  15. Rayrockny says:

    I’m going to report your raciest red neck ass.

  16. StephenJohnSays says:


  17. lyargutten says:

    Fucking racist!

  18. Diadematov says:

    he still has a tiny white dick though

  19. Aggionist says:

    For people who needs it:
    First song: Rage Against Machine – Bulls On Parade

  20. tomives1985 says:

    muscle doesn’t turn into fat. read a book.

  21. HirotoKatsuo says:

    Im body building and Its all for Japan!!! Your a real inspiration. I wish to go to japan in about 3-4 months so I was really happy to see that it only took you 3 months.

  22. sandlunddd says:

    no need for even 2 hours , 45 to 1 hour is enough maybe 4 -5 times week

  23. if that guys stops working out for two days all his muscle will turn to fat. i no cuz i have to

  24. you know how 😉 it comes in a syringe

  25. Missfortunez says:

    Train everyday xD ?

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