Acupuncture Los Angeles Applies Ancient Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Los Angeles is a form of traditional Chinese medicine inserting needles into certain areas of the skin to attain various health benefits. The basic premises of this technique is that good health and well being is a result of the proper flow of energy through the body.

Ancient needles made from stone and bone have been discovered from second century BC China as well as metal needles. This technique has been used in Europe for approximately five thousand years or more, and articles began appearing in medical publications in the United States in the mid 1800s. However, California did not recognize and legalize this method until 1976.

Energy is believed to be stored in four hundred or more points in the body. Energy or Qi travels from one to the other through twenty connecting passageways. Any blockage of these channels causes ill effects to one’s body. This practice unblocks and normalizes the natural flow and provides peaceful and healthy results. It is often used alone or with massage, electric impulses, or herbs. No side effects have been reported other than slight bruising that is temporary.

Stainless steel needles are solid, not hollow, and have copper or steel handles. Once they are inserted into a specific area, the surrounding nerves are stimulated and send impulses to the spinal cord and brain. Endorphins are released to block pain, and serotonin is released which is a feel-good chemical. The pituitary gland emits pain-relieving components, and the adrenal gland releases the steroid cortisol which provides anti-inflammatory effects.

Reduction of anxiety, depression, and disorientation are just a few of the mental health benefits provided by this alternative medicine. Painful headaches, interrupted sleep patterns, and psychological consequences from strokes show improvement. This has also become an effective remedy to break habits such as smoking or overeating.

The physical benefits witnessed by patients include improved blood flow, reduced inflammation, and less ill effects due to chemotherapy and radiation. Muscular ailments caused by sports injuries are also improved. Arthritis, digestive disorders, carpal tunnel, bacterial infections, and infections of the urinary tract and respiratory system can also be relieved. Health issues of the eyes including pink eye or cataracts, and female ailments such as PMS, pain of childbirth, and infertility also find improvement.

Acupuncture Los Angeles achieves overall health both mentally and physically by empowering the immune system with its natural flow of energy. This method offers an effective pain management system instead of prescription medicine. Credentialed doctors are fluent in administering this ancient Chinese healing art and achieve more than satisfying results for their patients. Read more about: acupuncture los angeles

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