Acne: A Condition That Even The Stars Suffer From

Acne is a condition that a lot of us suffer from but the state of our skin may be something that we feel a little bit embarrassed about. It may be the case that we are left wondering what we have done to be suffering with this condition. However, the truth of the matter is that acne is very common.

Most of us are sure that acne is purely a teenage condition but this is not the case; many women over the age of thirty five also suffer from it. So it is not so much that we are unlucky to have developed acne, but that some people are extremely lucky to not have to deal with the problem.

Women these days are under immense pressure to have perfect skin. The media are continuously stressing how important it is for women to have perfect skin and this is where the pressure comes from. The top celebrities are usually praised for having some immaculate skin.

The truth of the matter is that acne is something that many of the top celebs have also had to deal with. Two of the starts who openly admit this are Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz. It is only the clever use of makeup that prevented their skin problems becoming more talked about.

Celebrities being honest about certain skin conditions is a good thing but it would be better if more of them were more open. People suffering from conditions such as acne would surely feel better about it if they knew that some celebs had the same condition. It would certainly be a lot more useful than creating a vision of beauty that most of us will never be able to attain.

To know that it was not acne holding us back but rather an inability to be able to pay for professional makeup artists, would certainly ease the pressure. It is good to realise that acne is not something that only affects the average Joe, it is something that celebrities also have to deal with.

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