According to CBO

Congress has been in debate over the Obamacare for quite some time and they have legit questions; according the CBO, the Medicare Hospital Insurance trust fund would hold more than $358 billion of additional government debt by the end of 2019 compared with holding under the current law; So one does have to wonder- how does the Obamacare provide Medicare “savings” that would help fund Medicare over the long-term?

While all the fight is still in Washington do you just wait it out and see what happens? NO. You have the right and all the benefits at your disposal to use now as needed. It can be quite complicated and that is why Social Service Coordinators, has put advocates out there for your educations. SSC is the leading provider in outreach and advocacy services, you can be sure they will offer eligible members a broad range of government and community assistant programs.

It is a hard fact that there are many people with Medicare, have low incomes, but not quite low enough to qualify for full Medicaid. However there are many MSPs available to help seniors, lower income people, and disabled individuals pay for some of their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Another wonderful benefit through Social Service Coordinators is the Golden Touch Program, which helps eligible members learn about and take advantage of a broad array of valuable money-saving social programs; from energy, nutrition and telephone cost assistance to transportation and property tax programs. An extensive database of over 6,000 public and private-sponsored social programs in all 50 states allows SSC advocates in a single interview to determine what programs you may qualify for.

So while congress debates, Obama rattles on and continues to raise the National Debt do not let that stop you from getting all the Medicare benefits you deserve and qualify for. You have worked long and hard and you deserve to have the benefits that are available to you TODAY.

Learn more about Social Service Coordinators, and start getting your health bills paid today!

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