Accelerated learning Techniques – Auditory and Visual Learning

Accelerated learning techniques are usually conditional on a person’s unique learning style. The ease or toughness of implementing theseaccelerated learning techniques would have to be dictated by your learning style.

Now, there are eight general learning styles: intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalistic, bodily, linguistic, logical, visual and auditory.

Manifestly, these learning styles are named such because of its nature. The category names are pretty self-explanatory.

Now, in this article, we intend to out a focus more on the visual and auditory accelerated learning techniques.

Visual Accelerated Learning Techniques

First off, what are the features of a visual learner?

Basically, a visual learner is an individual that thinks in images or pictures. When they read or hear a professor, it is like they’re having their own pictures playing in their mind.

They read something and all those words are translated into pictures.

Therefore if you’re a visual learner, there are many things you can to do to boost your learning.

First off, visual learners have the advantage of having sharpened memories. Visual learning involves lots of recall and review of photographs in the mind. Due to that, the recalling or memorization talents are rather more practiced.

Another accelerated learning technique for visual learners is to make graphic organizers. You can try utilising diagrams or mind maps. You need to utilise and incorporate as much diagrams and images to make learning simpler for you.

Auditory Accelerated Learning Techniques

Auditory learners learn best by hearing or listening. These are the youngsters who perform nicely in the classroom and they know how to filter inward-bound information through their skills in repeating and listening.

Now, the downfall of auditory learners is that they are not that smooth or proficient in writing their thoughts or concepts. They are also the most talkative type of learners.

Therefore if you think you are an auditory learner, there are several accelerated learning techniques you can try to boost your learning.

If you are still in school, you need to record your class and listen to the recording at home when you’re reviewing. At this time, you must pay more notice to the critical details in the recordings.

Another accelerated learning technique for auditory learners is reading out loud. The more you hear what you’re reading, the simpler it might be for you to recollect this information.

Apart from that, another accelerated learning technique that is good for auditory learners is to raise questions more frequently.

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