Acai Berry Advantages Facts You’ll Need to Listen to

Because 2000, many people nationwide, have been convinced of acai berry rewards. They believe that acai berries have anti-aging properties, and are very helpful in promoting weight-loss and all-around very good health. The berries contain significant quantities of the powerful antioxidants; flavonoids and anthocyanins, that are considered very helpful to the body. It is believed that antioxidants strengthen the bodys defenses against aging, cancer and other diseases.

The Reddish-Purple Berry is Crammed with Antioxidants

Preliminary studies show the acai berry has a lot more antioxidants than the highly-touted blueberry. The acai berry is reddish-purple, about an inch-long, and is produced by the acai palm. It is indigenous to tropical and sub-tropical Central and South America. Before being discovered by U.S. buyers, the acai berry was a food staple for natives dwelling within the Brazilian jungle. Since of its new-found popularity, the wholesale cost of the berries rose as much as 60 times the year 2000 cost. It has turn into a luxury item only, to the Brazilian tribe. This attests to the popularity of the berry within the U.S.

The Acai Berry was Discussed on the Oprah Show

Based on Bloomberg News, Dr. Oz appeared on the Oprah Show and discussed his anti-aging checklist. Acai berries had been on the list. The Bloomberg post also stated that acai berries were on a list of 10 superfoods, compiled by dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, which was published on Oprahs website. While she has issued a disclaimer denying any endorsement of acai items, there’s no doubt the Oprah program contributed to the popularity of the product.

Remarkable Rewards Claimed by Users

A few of the claimed acai berry rewards are; improvement in heart health, digestion, restful sleep, skin well being, mental health and weight loss. Even though you’ll find not several studies about the specific rewards of acai berries, there are many studies supporting the rewards of antioxidants, which appear in abundance in acai berries.

Acai oil is also being employed in several cosmetic items; from facial and body creams to hair goods. Antioxidants are highly desired in skin products, so acai berry oil is really a valued additive. Its value is enhanced by the fact that its antioxidant properties are retained during lengthy term storage.

Possible Side Effects

Some medical authorities warn of potential acai berry allergies in certain individuals, as is achievable with any food. This article just isn’t intended as medical guidance. As often, you must consult your doctor just before taking a new dietary supplement.

You may wish to join the long list of individuals who enjoy acai berry benefits.

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