Abraham, translated by Esther Hicks, responds to a question from a woman has tried every diet, done every exercise, and still cannot lose weight. Sidestepping the usual – and often frustrating – approaches to the problem, Abraham lays the foundation of a mental attitude that brings to bear the power of Law of Attraction to create the most effective technique ever presented for losing weight. Excerpted from the 2 hour and 20 minute program “Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss” which is …

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  1. eunsongdallim says:

    Wow! I just love Abraham, Esther and Jerry! Thank you so much!!!!!!! I got my results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I thought the first time I heard this: “AH HA ! not this one Abraham, I think for first time your wrong.” Well I did listen and I made personal & dietary changes carefully. I am at least 20 lbs smaller in FAR better health and it’s only been two months since I heard this. AS ALWAYS ABRAHAM & FRIENDS THANK U AGAIN. YOU were right, I wasn’t thinking about it properly!

  3. BaileyBeats says:

    I love you Abraham!

  4. Happyjoyii says:

    I Love You Abraham!!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! <3<3<3 ; )

  5. silentpurplething says:


  6. Thank You Abraham-Hicks


  7. premiumhealthy says:

    A warm and gentle person with a great sense of humor 🙂

  8. ENLiGHTEND01 says:

    It’s the bouncing off place to soooo much more =)

  9. Tatynoegao says:

    oh my, I just had the weirdest experience… I stepped on the scale and the number shocked me a little at first – 116 lbs! But that wasn’t the weird part, the weird part was my reaction! I was like >Yay! 116 lbs! Bless this contrast that gives me the opportunity to desire other than that! Now as I am more allowing every day I expect the number on the scale to go down and down and down… I must be doing really well if that was my reation…

  10. swalkingtree says:

    I love it. Let it be easy, and it gets easier.
    “Food is my friend”

  11. I make peace with all that I can do.

  12. VeyaMusic says:

    Abraham is so loving.

  13. Fastdogg562 says:

    Why would I not want specifically abraham translating for me?

    This makes me feel better though, Because when I get my girlfriend I know she has easily manifested for me and my unique intention. This means she wouldnt of chosen anybody else because it was my unique intention, no one could ever feel like me. This makes me feel special because it is true 🙂

  14. pinkbutterflies2012 says:

    Very Very Very good Points here! Thank YOU!! 🙂

  15. yieldinguniverse says:

    This is why I find myself as fascinated as I am seeing my life through the eyes of Source in message of Abraham. Nothing remains unexplained at the same time that any type of drama is gone. I can hardly explain with words (maybe exhilaration is the closest) how thankful I know for all the confirmation I have received through Abraham.

    Thanks, Jerry and Esther!!!!!!!!

  16. genomepi13 says:

    Every speech is so inspiring. I don’t remember watching a video and not feeling this wonderful sensation.
    p.s. I love Abraham’s sense of humor 😀

  17. LoveYourJoy says:

    Love yourself, exactly the way you are – right now. Appreciation is the best state of mind to be in when I think about my body and I am HOT PATOOTIES 😉

  18. AbrahamHicks says:

    sorenmittet: Abraham has said that they are a unique manifestation of Esther and Jerry’s intention and allowing, and so no one else can or will ever translate for them. However Esther and Jerry have also said many times that they have no intention of retiring, and Abraham has added repeatedly that we don’t need them since we all have our own connection to Source.

  19. sorenmittet says:

    =) This take is excellent. And the humour in it really hilarious!

    During Esther’s off hours, can I have Abraham speak through me, please?
    (And who is going to take over when Esther & Jerry retires? :-o)

    Go for fun of it !!!!!

  20. Fantastic. This is the first time I’ve heard Abraham talk specifically about weight for an extended amount of time. Thanks for posting. Its helpful to be reminded.

  21. AbrahamHicks says:

    chrisdob1980: Abraham identifies themselves as “an aspect of Source Energy” analogous to Esther’s soul, representing “unconditional love”. They are not related to the Biblical figure of Abraham. Esther is “translating blocks of thought” in a process some call “channeling”, though Esther and Jerry do not prefer this definition. For a more complete explanation see our other YouTube videos, or go to our Abraham-Hicks website and listen to the free audio download entitled “Introduction to Abraham”

  22. chrisdob1980 says:

    Thanks Esther/Abraham! i have learned a lot with your teachings!!!!


    Ok but, but but for me working out is soooo wonderful…I love it its so very very fun and natural…so that would mean for me its DOWN not UP…

    ESTHER & JERRY HICKS are truly great…


  24. chrisdob1980 says:

    who is Abraham?

  25. medolinnoo says:

    i love them! 🙂

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