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The world’s economy is still in a state of flux that was created by the last global economic recession. In addition to this, there is the threat of another major dip in the economy which is making most people keep their wallets firmly in their pockets for now.

However, just because you wish to save money does not mean that you cannot be healthy with the help of a treadmill. You can simply avoid buying a brand new treadmill and go for used treadmills which, if bought properly, can be as precious and useful as brand new treadmills.

Moreover, the trick to used treadmills being as good as brand new treadmills is that they need to be purchased very carefully and in a deliberate manner. Here are some tips that should help you choose the right second hand treadmill from the many that you will find on sale in the market.

1. The manufacturer is extremely important:

While it is true that locally manufactured treadmills are much cheaper than ones produced by known names, it is also true that local and cheap treadmills would not give you the same performance or durability that a treadmill manufacturer by a reliable manufacturer would. A good deal of second hand treadmills in the market are locally produced machines which should be given a wide berth.

2. Interrogate the seller and then ask some more questions:

There is a lot that can be said for a nice interrogation because it would reveal a lot to you about the machine and its seller. Asking questions pertaining to the reasons behind the sale of the machine, frequency of use, place of storage and attached warranties would help you evaluate the second hand treadmill as accurately as possible.

3. Get on the treadmill and test it for a few minutes:

While theoretical knowledge is well and good, you have to, at the end of it all, run or walk on the treadmill. Hence, you should simply ask for a test run of the machine and get on it for a few minutes to get the feel of it. If the seller does not allow you to try it or you do not like how it feels, then you should let it pass and move on to the next contender.

4. Carefully inspect the treadmill visually:

A visual inspection of the treadmill may also reveal some things to you that you may miss otherwise. The focus here should be on the belt of the machine which needs to not have any wear and tear on it or it would snap at some later stage, requiring you to spend a mini fortune on it.

5. Age of the treadmill should also be considered:

Finally, the older the second hand treadmill is, the more chances there are that it would give you trouble later on. Ideally, even though this depends on the frequency of the machine use, you should not purchase any second hand machine that dates back more than five years.

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