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You must consider how she is feeling. Were you checked for diabetes where you were pregnant? When diabetes occurs for the first time during your pregnancy, then it is called gestational diabetes. Pregnancy stresses the mother’s cells and chemistry thus, there might be the development of insulin resistance, and this may be manifested in the blood chemistry.

The women who have developed gestational diabetes are at much higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes even if their blood chemistry returns to normal after delivery. During the pregnancy , is the window of opportunity to discover if there is a problem with sugar metabolism, and not afterwards.

What is its importance? The baby is at a higher risk for problems during labor and delivery if the blood sugar levels of the mother are high, and this is because we are not just dealing with an epidemic of type 2 diabetes around the world. A big baby by size and weight, is one consequence of gestational diabetes. At the time of delivery, there will be an added stress if you are carrying a large heavy baby. There will also be higher incidence of surgical delivery of the baby as the size and weight of the baby increases above normal, During delivery, this comes the same with fetal distress.

The risk for the baby to develop diabetes later in their life is doubled if diabetes during pregnancy is not treated.

There have been a lot of women who haven’t been tested for gestational diabetes, yet we concede that this condition is not something to hide. During pregnancy, about one-third of pregnant women were never been tested for diabetes, as evident to various studies. In the U.S, the incidence of gestational diabetes is currently 4%. The incidence will climb higher and may even be higher now, as seen by most researchers.

A blood sugar test for diabetes should be performed after the 24th week of pregnancy, in the case for a pregnant woman who is pregnant for the first time and is otherwise healthy with no family history of diabetes. In the presence of other risk factors for diabetes on the part of the mother, the blood test could be conducted to her earlier. The management details with this regard is left to the person who is making the medical decisions during the pregnancy.

What kind of blood test is needed? The physician will know how the baby, mom and blood sugar are doing, because of the fasting blood sugar. There should be a good establishment of the normal values. Appropriate blood sugar test should be done to the pregnant women during pregnancy. The time when the test has to be done would be based on the risk factors and the first test. A new blood sugar test called the A1c hemoglobin test, is growing in popularity and this may come into play to diagnose gestational diabetes.

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