A Study To Know Why Cardiovascular Disease Has Been Common To Asian People Lately

Heart disease has been uncommon in Asian populations until recently. A new study suggests that this is poised to change, unfortunately. There appears to be an epidemic of heart disease on the horizon for China and many other countries in this region.

The study in question looked at health and behavior from China to Australasia. It provides valuable insight into the future of health in this area. One thing that was found is that there has been a rapid increase in smoking. This and other factors have been greatly increasing chances of heart disease.

The heart is the center of your circulatory system. Your heart is basically the engine that pumps blood through the body. Blood is the material that brings oxygen to your cells. Clearly, having a strong heart and cardiovascular system is important.

Your heart is the center of the cardiovascular system. Its job is to be the pump that circulates blood throughout the body. Blood brings oxygen to all of the cells in your body. These are crucial functions. When the heart and blood vessels aren’t functioning properly, that cluster of medical problems that occur is termed heart disease.

This epidemic is going to hit many people in the prime of their professional careers. Heart disease occurs at younger ages here in Asia, than in the West.

In China and other countries in Asia, there will be huge cost associated with heart disease. Of course, there will be major expense from the treatment of heart attacks and heart disease. However, there will also be huge loss of earnings for those who have heart trouble. This will be potentially financially devastating for many Asian families.

Sometimes people have no clue that they have heart disease until something extreme happens, like a heart attack or stroke, or serious chest pain.

Obviously, at the point that someone has a stroke or heart attack, this is an emergency that requires immediate attention. At that point, the victim needs to be seen right away at a hospital or emergency room. Again, this is very expensive treatment and adds to the total cost of this social problem.

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