A Quick Introduction To The Discipline Of Personal Prophecy And Its Aims.

One of the most controversial aspects of the current religious world involves that of personal prophecy. The ultimate aim of this activity is for individuals to comprehend and thus carry out the specific purpose that God has for them in this life. Edification and exhortation of the spirit are said to be just some of the successful outcomes of this activity.

Error and limitation are just two of the hallmarks of humankind. This can often be due to the obscurity of our languages. Regularly using these techniques is said to help make clear these obscurities through receiving the actual words of the Lord. Nevertheless these techniques have been subject to a certain amount of criticism, especially for being too spiritual to the point of being new age. However, there are numerous accounts within the Bible that appear to give the practice adequate credibility.

In fact the accounts contained in the that tell of this phenomenon begin right at the start when God revealed to Adam that was going to perish having eaten from the forbidden tree. Further accounts tell of Joseph and Mary receiving prophetic words whilst in the temple.

At a basic level this activity is quite similar to talking in tongues. This is because they share the common aim of being beneficial to the individual alone. However, in reality it can appear in many guises. For example some relate how they felt the words bubbling up in them from within. Others tend to receive the words through visions.

It is very important to note that the idea of receiving prophetic words is intended for the use of individual guidance and comfort rather than for teaching. In fact when the entire service revolves around this activity there involves very little, if in fact any kind of teaching.

Besides encountering a prophet or one who is said to have the gift of prophecy there exist other ways of receiving the word. This can include receiving through dreams or even through visions. Likewise carrying out a regular prayer program and a thorough and disciplined study of the scriptures can all lead to obtaining the gift of receiving.

Personal prophecy then is said to be a gift from God that will help individuals to flourish and define themselves throughout their lives. It is claimed that it is actually an indispensable tool and that in reality no period of history has been without it.


A deeper connection with the religious element of your nature is achievable through personal prophecy and prayer. If you need a prophetic word for counseling or comfort, check out the web pages.

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