A Pulled Hamstring Could Land You In The Hospital

Something as simple as bending your knee or extending your hip is more challenging than you would imagine if you sustain a pulled hamstring. You would not even think about running in this condition, although walking may be tolerable in some cases.

If you are not overly active, a pulled hamstring may not force you to alter your lifestyle a whole lot; it could be just another excuse to relax. Anything that is already marked down in your agenda pertaining to sports will have to be rescheduled (unless you are okay with just watching). If you have a career as an athlete, seek out advice from your trainer so you can get back into action as quickly as possible.

A hamstring injury is classified into one of three grades depending on how bad it is; the higher the grade, the more devastating the injury. A grade one tear is not a big deal because there is no permanent damage, and basic rehab takes care of things 99% of the time. Grade two and three tears are often described as ruptures, and they have been known to end the careers of many notable athletes.

Recognizing a pulled hamstring is not that difficult if you know the symptoms to watch out for and make note of. Pain is usually felt right away and it may be impossible stand back up if you try to do so too early. Swelling will often be quite apparent, and after a few minutes there might be a considerable amount of bruising.

You should always enter a pulled hamstring treatment program to prevent scarring and rehab your muscle so you can use it again. It is best not to participate in sports or even light physical activities, because even if you are guarded you could make the injury worse. You may need to use crutches if your doctor thinks that it is particularly important to keep your hamstring demobilized.

Surgery is not normally recommended, but there are a couple of situations where it might be necessary in order for your hamstring to suitably rebuild. One situation that calls for surgery is when the ischium bone is utterly ruptured and needs to get rebuilt. Surgery is not a fun experience, but you will be able to make up for it afterwards by doing all of the things that the injury stopped you from doing in the previous months.

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