A Private Duty Nurse Saves A Lot Of Trouble

Many people need more help, while in the hospital, than what is available from the staff of that institution. A large percentage of the elderly need special assistance and it is just not in the budget of many hospitals. The private duty nurse can be called on to fill in this gap as they can perform many of the same chores.

All of the readings that are usually taken by the hospital staff can be done by these nurses. Heart rate monitoring as well as blood and sugar levels can be taken and recorded. The intake of food and drink as well as the outflow of same can be measured in a way that is helpful for analysis and managing care going forward.

The home is a much more scary place for a patient in need of this critical care because family members are not as prepared to perform the many tasks to keep them comfortable. The nurse will accomplish this and also train the family in how it is done. Most people have no idea how difficult it is to bathe someone who can not even be helped to the bathtub or shower.

The amount of college and training these nurses must have changes depending on the state in which they wish to work. The minimum is several courses, based on basic health knowledge, nursing and medical knowledge. The type of knowledge needed will have the basics and whatever specialty he or she will be working toward. Certification is necessary before attempting private or hospital practice can be undertaken.

Their duties will include the basics, which is everything that must be monitored for the patient. They will need to take a personal interest in the patient in order to be as effective as they can be. Many times, the patients demeanor is a better indication of what is going on than any tests administered and sent away for analysis. This is a prime benefit for the family as they continue to live their lives as normally as possible.

These nurses will need to be involved in many activities. They will be dealing with tracheotomies, catastrophic injury and tube feedings. Ventilators will need to be prepared and cleaned, insulin pumps will be monitored as well as the many different types of spinal injuries must be known about. This is a very short list, however, and the need for all around knowledge is beneficial should anything arise that is out of the ordinary.

When looking for a private nurse, you should contact one of the many agencies that deal with this. Find out how long they have been in business and talk with several of their nurses to see which one is your best choice. The individual should have the knowledge your loved one needs help with and a few others that are associated with the age of that patient. Certification of the nurse and the agency should not be negotiable.

Saving time and trouble, for you and your family, is what this is all about. The first task, of course, is to make sure your loved one is well looked after. If that can be done by you, that is the optimum situation. This is not the case in many families and a professional nurse is a very careful way of making sure every one has the peace of mind they need in this situation.

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