A Person’s Life Can Be Changed By An Encounter With God

Numerous individuals search for hope in a troubled society. With the many negative situations that take place in today’s modern world, it is not surprising that some people feel bereft and hopeless. An encounter with God is sometimes all that is necessary to turn a person’s life around. Such experiences can make it easier for individuals to face challenging situations and difficult problems.

An individual has nothing to lose and everything to gain when he or she places faith in God and refuses to give up. It is essential, however, to realize that it is not other individuals that one must do battle with, but rather it is the devil who is behind negative situations, such as disease, sin, and oppression. Faith is required to build a positive life, and when one knows God, no matter what situation he or she is facing, the person’s faith can carry him or her through.

Making statements such as “I can never win, ” or “my situation is hopeless, ” is never a wise course of action. Individuals should also refrain from thinking that God did not hear their prayers. Instead, believers should simply cling to their faith and eliminate negative thoughts that come from the devil.

Additionally, comfort is available from the Holy Spirit. He was sent to believers to assist them in overcoming the world’s negativity. Everything the Holy Spirit does lines up with the word of God, and brings joy, hope, and faith. He will always encourage people and tell them that the Lord will help them through all the trials of life that they are faced with at any time, and assist them to overcome negative circumstances.

Forgetting the past is also an essential activity. Only hopelessness and depression can come from dwelling on negative circumstances that occurred during one’s lifetime. Certain passages of Scripture state that God will restore the years that traumatic experiences or negative events have robbed from one’s life. He has promised to assist his children to overcome negative memories and troublesome thoughts.

In order to seek peace from the Greater One, it is important to avoid becoming distracted. For example, prayer time should be when one is alone and temporarily off-limits to distractions such as the telephone, the computer, or other people in the home who may decide to demand attention at the same moment one is attempting to pray. When these distractions are eliminated, one can communicate the Lord and hear his voice better than if he or she was trying to concentrate in a room buzzing with activity.

In addition, one must pray in faith. This is due to the fact that the Scriptures state that one cannot please God without faith. Fortunately, God can be reached with the tiniest seed of faith, and one can then proceed to build his or her faith on a daily basis and eventually believe God for greater things.

An encounter with God can be a life-changing event for essentially any person. This is because He can give people power to do what they were not capable of on their own. For this reason, seeking such an encounter is a worthwhile endeavor for virtually anyone.

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