A New Outlook With Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have been welcomed with open arms by disabled people who were previously limited in their mobility. Often when bound for long days at a time they had to depend on others to go to the store or visit friends. Currently, those with mobile scooters are able to transport themselves, without help, to the store and other locations.

Disabled people with wheelchairs ran into trouble at times. Some of the chairs were very heavy and awkward to use, requiring manual dexterity as well as strength, in many cases, to turn the wheels. Even the electric ones had limitations including being able to go outside with ease.

Today one will find different types of the scooter’s on the market. The one thing that they have in common is their platform, which contains batteries. A drive system, the driver’s seat, and a place for his or her feet. Models are available for use inside, outside, or both places.

The inside of the platform is the base control unit. It handles maneuvering of the scooter by use of a turning radius as well as ground clearance and wheelbase size. To accommodate people’s different sizes, smaller or larger bases are available. There are also allowances available for people who have leg braces.

Safety has always been a major concern regarding these scooters and disabled people. As a result there are anti-tip the wheels on the frame. These tips may be located according to its intended use. Wheels in the back for example would be used on mobile units that would be encountering steep hill inclines while those on the front would be for units to be used on more flat areas.

Surprisingly, mobility scooters are less expensive than motorized wheelchairs and offer much more versatility in the outside world. They have allowed disabled persons, previously confined to their homes, to travel, enjoy fresh air and meet new people. They have offered an entirely new approach, and enrichment, to life for these people. It is believed that there are currently over 100,000 of these scooters in use in the U. S. At the present time.

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