A Moral Element About Psychic Seduction

The many excellent books and websites that deal with psychic seduction what successful males do naturally. Unsuccessful males tend to get brushed aside or forcefully expelled from communities. They long for acceptance and can achieve that by changing who they are. Mothers will love their son whoever he is but desirable and available single females must have confident men who can fight if need be

The most seductive men do not think about how to attract women because they are usually surrounded by bevies of beautiful and admiring girls. The seductive aura of such men comes from the fact that they have their own agenda. They do not focus on getting girls but on other aims and purposes.

A celebrity sportsman will concentrate for the most part on upcoming fixtures and the actions that he will need to achieve his goals. This is like an aphrodisiac. Girls will swoon in his presence as he gazes over their heads at distant goals, oblivious of their charms and fluttering eye lashes. His manner of focusing on independent goals is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

A fact of life is that most people do need a partner of the opposite gender. Independence is all very well but soft touches and tender loving care from a favored person is an elixir that lifts existence up a few levels. Life being what it is, even the celebrity sportsman with an eight figure income may come into a room and notice one woman who does not drop her eyes and blush. Instead she will carry on eating pudding as though nothing has happened. This can be the cue that evokes passionate interest even in one who has many others at his beck and call.

Perhaps there is some biological imperative behind the fact that rejection is an aspect of gender relations. The magnificent plumage of a male bird may be ignored by a dowdy female who pecks indifferently at the ground as he displays for her. Human females sometimes behave in similar fashion, refusing to be impressed by a shining sports car or expensive clothes. Instinctively they seem to sense that resistance is seductive and that a mans interest must be tested.

When it comes to sophisticated human behavior instinct alone is insufficient. More subtle arts are required to sway real indifference or even antipathy. People have written books and published websites on the subtle, covert arts which are said to empower a man to have women falling about him without their being aware of why they are behaving as they do.

There is a moral problem with some such publications. A fundamental axiom of morality is that people should be treated as ends in themselves rather than as means to an end. If women are seen as fodder to be used entirely to satisfy the hungers and inadequacies of a callow youth he will probably be damned eternally and wish that he had never met the girl that he used for his own ends.

The best psychic seduction proceeds morally. Once a woman is passionate about him for reasons that she does not understand the seducer should set her free. He should tell her about his methods. If she persists in her passions he may relax in the knowledge that he really is very seductive. They may live happily ever after.

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