A mattress and method for every baby

How does your baby sleep? When you are a new parent, it’s the one issue people seem obsessed with. A group of new mothers gather for tea and a local play group and inevitably they start comparing sleeping pattern. Some triumphantly declare great success, while others bemoan night time madness.

The babies themselves do not seem to be phased by the issue. They are busy taking everything in. After a ten month stint in the womb, where all their needs were met on demand, they would most likely find our dependence on their sleep for our happiness of little consequence.

Mothers like to compare sleeping arrangements as well “What sort of mattress do you use? ” or “have you tried one of those mattresses that feels like a moving car?” Some mothers admit to taking the mattress out of the cot itself and placing it on the floor so they can lay beside the baby or feed it to sleep in a comfortable position.

A king size mattress is a great idea for some families, allowing everyone to fit on the bed. Some wish they’d invested in a king sized bed instead of splashing out on a lovely new cot. No one tells parents that their baby just might not like its cot, no matter what of mattress is in there.

Firmness is essential for a mattress which a baby sleeps on from a safety point of view. This not seem very comfortable but it suits a baby just fine. It’s important for a mattress to be breathable as well and some cot mattresses have breathable holes in the bottom of them, indicating where the baby’s head should be placed ideally.

If you’ve been given a cot or a moses basket second hand, it’s advised that you replace the mattress itself. This is quite an affordable option when you compare the price of a new cot mattress to that of a new cot itself.

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