A Massage Chair May Crank Up Your Relief Of Pain From Fibromyalgia

Do you suffer from discomfort and pain? There is a little known syndrome called Fibromyalgia that affects up to 3% of the population. Fibromyalgia is just beginning to be studied, so doctors can only relieve the symptoms until they understand the causes. Many report severe to mild pain can affect them which can be debilitating. Doctors may prescribe pain killers for some cases, but try to use natural therapies where possible. Some of the more popular natural therapies are biofeedback, chiropractic care and massage chair therapy.

If you have been in pain, then you know it is hard to go about your normal routine. Many sufferers of fibromyalgia have so much discomfort that it is debilitating. They are unable to participate in activities or may miss work. If you think you have something wrong, check with your medical doctor and get diagnosed early. Some patients use massage chairs to help relieve the discomfort. Try to start early treatments and to help keep it in check.

Research is just beginning into the causes of FMS. In the initial studies researchers are finding that women are affected 20 times more often than men. Women between the ages of 20 and 60 are at the highest risk. At this point, there is no cure. If you think that you may suffer from fibromyalgia, then you should have your medical doctor give you a check up.

The medical profession has a few theories about the causes of FMS. Research studies have shown that many of the symptoms happen just after patients have had the flu or after suffering from a traumatic physical event. In both cases the body’s defense mechanisms are weakened either from physical or emotional strain leaving the body vulnerable.

One of the main theories gaining ground is called central sensitization. The hypothesis of this theory is that those afflicted with FMS have a lower tolerance for pain. They theorize that this stems from an increased sensitivity in the brain to pain signals. The brain tends to pick up on these pain signals more and causes some overreaction. It is believed that with repeated stimulation and the greater sensitivity of the brain that this causes an abnormal reaction to the nerve stimulation.

As we have stated, this is a complex area and finding the root causes are difficult. In most cases, sufferers can only find ways to cope with this disease. Most common is to relieve the pain. Most doctors try to steer their patients into natural therapies and only prescribe pain killers in severe situations. The natural methods most likely used are chiropractic therapy, bio-feedback and massage therapy.

Biofeedback is a technique used to relax the mind and the body with electronics. Various sensors are used to monitor your breathing, heart rate, sweat production, temperature of the body and muscle tension. This form of treatment has been known to help with chronic pain conditions.

With chiropractic care, the patient undergoes treatments to help increase their mobility and to help reduce pain. Chiropractors specialize in the health of the spine. Many times muscular pain is the result of muscles shifting weight around to avoid pain. Chiropractors seek to rebalance the body so that it is back in alignment.

Massage therapy has been given for centuries to provide relief and relaxation. Massage chair therapy targets the superficial layers of the muscles and soft tissue areas. By elongating and stimulating the muscles the muscles loosen and become less tight. Massage chairs can also provide traction to some areas of the body helping to increase the flexibility of areas like the lower body and the spinal column.

Massage chair therapy provides an effective and efficient means to receive massage treatments when you most need them. When your symptoms begin to act up, you can grab a few minutes of relief in a massage chair. Focus the massage right on the area you need now. Just hit a button and targeted relief begins immediately.

One of the keys of coping with fibromyalgia is to be able to deal with the symptoms when they flare up. A massage chair helps to reduce the intensity and duration of these when dealt with on a periodic basis. This is important as the symptoms are 24/7 and your relief must be 24/7 as well. Check with your medical professional to see if a massage chair is right for you.

Encountering natural remedies like massage treatments helps your body to recover and be restored. Massage Chairs offer a unique arsenal of consistent and effective massage therapy when you need and want it most. View a great selection of therapeutic loungers from the top manufacturers. Find the best Pain Relief Massage Chairs for your requirements.

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