A Look at Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety disorders are chronic feelings of long lasting and oftentimes debilitating anxiety or fear. One of it’s strongest manifestations is a panic attack. Often described to be one of the most terrifying, uncomfortable and unsettling experiences there is. Although not deadly, anxiety disorders are a very serious and can be a big burden to the quality of someone’s life. This articles aims to give insight on anxiety disorder symptom, its triggers and treatment options.What Causes Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks.Panic and anxiety are natural “fight-or-flight” responses to perceived dangerous situations. However, constant fear and high-levels of anxiety without valid basis is what differentiates anxiety and panic disorders. Causes and triggers of said disorders are:

[Anxiety Disorder Symptoms]

Phobias – phobic objects or situations can trigger Panic disorders. Examples include Claustrophobia or fear of enclosed spaces and social phobia.Situational Associations – Those who have had a panic attack under certain situations might associate panic attacks under that condition. Exposure to the same or similar situation could very well escalate into another panic disorder.Psychological / Emotional Causes – Major life transitions, significant personal loss, tragic experiences, and other major life changes may also lead to anxiety and panic disorders.

Emotional symptoms are mainly an intense fear that they are about to die and, often, the belief that they are losing their minds.Have you had a life threatening situation in your recent past? Panic attacks are one of the main symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by the stress of a life threatening situation. War veterans will typically suffer PTSD when they return from combat and try to readjust to civilian life. The death of or separation from a loved one can also cause PTSD.

If you are having panic attacks and have had a traumatic incident in your recent past, PTSD is likely the cause of your episodes.Are you scared of spiders, dogs, the dark or something else?If you freak out at the thought of a specific creepy crawler or hated creature, then the likely cause may be a phobia. Phobias are anxiety disorders that center on the fear of a specific thing, like a bug or snakes. If this is what you have then you have a phobia.

Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attack Treatments.Untreated, panic attack and other anxiety disorder symptom can continue for many years. Effective treatment can only come from accurately identifying the triggers and anxiety disorder symptom being experienced. Lifestyle and behavioral changes, as well as intensive psychotherapy have proved quite effective in curing panic attacks. Medication is also recommended. Having a strong support group and a positive attitude will definitely go a long way in curing anxiety disorders as well.

You can learn how to stop a panic attack and you can learn how to cope with your fears.Anxiety disorder symptoms can present themselves in many ways depending on the kind of disorder. There are five kinds of anxiety disorders and they are generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, and social phobia. These are separate entities but may have a good number of symptoms in common.Tightness in the throat is among the symptoms that these disorders can have. Like other anxiety disorder symptoms, this may present itself and can last for days if exposed to enough stress. It is very bothersome and sometimes accompanied by tightness of the chest. It makes eating unpleasant. You swallow every second. And your breathing can also be affected.

Psychological Concerns.Many of the results of untreated anxiety and panic attacks cannot only be devastating psychologically; they can be life threatening as well. A person who continually experiences the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as heart palpitations, stomach and digestive ailments or insomnia, can become physically ill as a result. The anxiety sufferer may become homebound out of fear of having a panic attack in front of peers at a job or in public. The person may decide to avoid the things that cause anxiety, such as driving or performing routine life activities like grocery shopping or spending time with friends and family. Worse yet, the anxiety sufferer may stop getting regular medical care for existing health issues they may have out of fear of being labeled as unstable.

Physical Concerns.In addition, anxiety can cause other health problems to become worrisome or increase in occurrence. In fact, the health problems may be at the root of their worrisome tendency – it’s a vicious cycle that has no end. For example, a person who is anxious about their stomach pains may go on to develop ulcers, which are life threatening. The more they worry about dying from their stomach pain, the worse their physical condition becomes. Or the person may become so depressed from not wanting to leave the house may be so worried that they develop social phobias and then even suicidal tendencies.

Unfortunately, these attacks are not discriminative, since they come on suddenly during the day or at night when the person is trying to sleep. These attacks are not diagnosed as a disorder, however, unless the person has at least four panic anxiety attacks within a space of four weeks.Panic Anxiety Disorder Treatment For those who have been diagnosed with the illness, it is important for them to seek professional help. While some medical professionals may recommend taking prescription medicine to avoid anxiety disorder symptoms, others professionals may recommend natural treatment.

With natural solutions, the person can use specific techniques to reduce and eliminate the attacks. In fact, some of these techniques can help with eliminating the attacks within seconds. These techniques can be used anywhere (i.e.at home, in the office, or in a shopping mall) and at any time.Effective panic attack techniques can also help the person with getting their confidence back. Once the person is confident, they can start their regular daily activities and get out again. The major key to getting rid of the attacks is to break the cycles of fear.Panic attack and anxiety disorder symptoms are suffered by millions of Americans. The signs and symptoms are similar but they can vary based on the individual. Natural techniques and solutions are available now and they are often preferred to taking prescribed medications alone. In any medical situation, try to avoid self-diagnosis and always pay your doctor a visit.

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