A Little About Extreme Lower Back Pain

Extreme lower back pain can be debilitating to sufferers and can happen to people from all walks of life with or without a prior injury being to blame. There are methods used to help alleviate it and through trial and error of treatments a better life is achievable.

In the United States alone a staggering ninety percent of people have suffered at some point in their lives from this kind of pain. This can for some be a one time problem that over time resolves itself and does not return. For the others, which is around half there comes recurrent periods where they suffer at a later date.

The actual term is a generalization giving an indication to the location where discomfort is felt. Because of this you will find underlying reasons can differ from one person to another. Any kind of pains are the way your body communicates with you to say that something is not right. Unfortunately actually finding this problem is not always an easy task.

The pain usually comes in bouts rather than being there continuously or can be triggered by doing too much, depending on the initial problem. These painful times usually last no longer than two months, give or take. To cope many rely on relief in medicinal form, however the stronger ones tend to give unwanted side effects.

Sciatica is the diagnosis given to some suffering disc herniation. The underlying problem in this case is a nerve that is directly being disturbed causing the shocking sharp feeling that can also cause other parts of the lower body to also feel discomfort.

Other causes which are less common include tumours and conditions that involve the kidneys. Appendix problems can also cause the pain to radiate to the lower back area so even though you would expect the painful area to be the part affected this is not always the case.

If the patient has recently had a fall or been involved in an accident, especially if over the age of fifty or those who have been long term on steroids should seek medical advice if they feel the problem is worsening rather than improving despite refraining from heavy lifting or activities involving stretching.

Although you should ensure rest and precautions are taken to minimize over exertion it has been proven that long periods of bed rest can in some cases do more harm than good as you are not keeping the body moving about. Whether you are happy to take pills to alleviate symptoms or want something more natural many alternatives remain at your disposal.

Understanding all there is to know about what causes lower back pain is not always easy. Luckily you can get everything you need right here at lower right back pain.

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