A Guide On How To Join The Marines

Some people have the dream of serving their country by becoming a marine in order to protect the people during a crisis. However, it is definitely not a cakewalk to join this special force as there are many requirements to think of. So for those who are interested, here are some tips on how to join the marines.

The starting point would be to first speak to a recruiter about joining. The recruiter will be the person who will provide all of the application forms, requirements and other things the applicant will need. To get in touch with a recruiter, one must first visit the website and send a message to an available recruiter. The reply will take a few days to come so in that time, one must already start keeping himself extremely fit by going to the gym and probably running everyday so that he will not become complacent in his training.

Once the recruiter has approved, it is important to be in tip top shape before undergoing a special school for becoming a marine. So it is important to first become extremely fit by developing a mass of muscles and acquiring a lot of stamina. From there, one may now go to the School of Infantry and train to become a rifleman.

From there, one may now join the Recon Indoctrination Program which will be a step closer to becoming a marine. The requirements are that one have a few years of experience on the field and a high score on the fitness test. Usually, it will be the recruiter that will help the applicant with all of his requirements to enter the program. However, the applicant must have an interest to join the program first.

Optimum physical fitness is a must in marine life which is why he will have to take another test for the program. The recruiter will be training him in a lot of things like running a harsh obstacle course, sprinting long miles, and swimming a huge number of laps. If he passes all of this, he will do well on the test.

When the training period is done, the physical test will commence. If ever he goes through it with flying colors, the team leader will interview him. Now one must not think that he is already admitted because the team leader may still reject him.

In a few days, one will be able to get the results of his test. From there, he will see if he is already accepted or not. If he is, then he will have to start from the lowest ranks first and work up his way to be promoted to a real time marine.

So for people who carry this dream, this guide on how to join the marines is very helpful. Remember that only those who have an iron will can go through all the hardship. Without hard determination, one will not be able to survive all the training.

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