A Fresh Approach To Weight Loss: Hip Hop Music Fitness

It is time to add a boost to your exercise routine and incorporate a hip hop music workout. If you followed the latest season of Dancing with the Stars you would have noticed Kirstie Alley lose over 40 pounds thanks to her dance training. Jump on board the dance train and move your way into a fit, toned body.

Can this style of workout provide a well-rounded program? Simple answer, yes. Cardiovascular fitness and core strength are the essential aspects of any balanced training program. These two crucial aspects are provided though a musical workout with the added bonus of toning, sculpting and a little fun.

What are the benefits of this exercise? Firstly, this style combines stretching to tone, fast paced movements to develop cardiovascular fitness and multi-directional movements requiring balance and stability to build core strength. Additional benefits include the development of triceps, biceps and abdominal muscles during break dancing moves and holds. Finally, while the pace is similar to aerobic programs you are free from the repetitive, tedious movements.

If however you are new to dance, Samba and the Foxtrot may not be the ideal dances to tackle just yet. Instead start out dancing to great hip hop beats which is simple and easy for even the newest beginner. A great place to start is to use the music in the background of your current workout, allow the beats and the build of the score to encourage your energy levels and push yourself in your workout.

Using a specific hip hop music workout DVD makes learning new moves easy by following the instructor. Once these new moves are conquered, they can be incorporated into a traditional circuit alongside push ups, skipping, crunches, lunges and more to provide a well-rounded program. If you are up for a challenge, consider joining a cardio or dance class, or for that matter, any style dance class as they all provide excellent cardiovascular workouts.

Whether you want to learn new moves, participate in group exercise by joining a dance class or simply add a little something extra to your current routine, hard hitting beats and fast paced dance are the perfect exercise combo. The versatility of dance, the ability to learn new moves and the positivity of hip hop beats will keep your workouts fresh and have you coming back for another session.

If you’re a beginner looking for an easy way to incorporate some hip hop music exercise into your workout routine consider the as seen on TV workout called Hip Hop Abs. On the flip side, if hip hop music is a little too fast paced or not your preference, consider Rockin Body which utilizes Rock Music for dance.

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