A Few Facts About Degree Deodorant

The market out there is cluttered with deodorant products with all kinds of claims of effectiveness and desirability; but there are always those that stand out of the crowd; and Degree deodorant is one of those. It has a history of effectiveness that out does many other products, and the variety of products under the Degree umbrella are many.

The main motto for Degree deodorant is “stop odor before it starts”, and that has been their pledge from the beginning. Their technology works in sync with your bodily functions to prevent the actions of bacteria and other factors from becoming a problem, and they literally have got you covered so you can be odor free in any stress situation.

One side of the Degree deodorant family is the many products they have for men. There are a couple of categories mainly for marketing purposes, but the name tags on the products are catchy and make you want to try them, as well as the primary logo being “Protects men who take risks”—playing on the testosterone mindset. Take, for example, some of the labels on these products; Degree Men Aerosol Extreme Blast, or Degree Ultra Clear Silver Ice, and Degree Ultra Clear Cool Rush. Good visuals.

Then we have the world of women with their own set of deodorant problems, so Degree deodorant products go to work by creating the line of products for women called “Dare to feel.” There is a complete line of products that contains both deodorants and fragrances and is called the Classic Romance collection and as every marketer worth his salt knows, you mention the word romance to a woman and it acts like a fish hook. The women’s products include ultra clear products, clinical protection and invisible solids.

And last but certainly not least, we come to the world of the active, stressed out teen; who needs her own type of deodorants to keep her odor free, and the powers that be behind the Degree deodorant marketing push have come up with a full set of products just for her called “Protection for every OMG moment”. The labels on these products are right on the money as far as appealing to teen girls; namely, Just Dance, Tropical Power, and Love. The OMG Girls Network touts not only deodorants and fragrances but also a club that the teens can sign up for and participate in, complete with blogs, fun, games, prizes—-and even an advice expert that can be accessed 24/7 for advice to both parents and teens alike.

On a final note concerning Degree deodorant products; the manufacturers of the products use a new idea in odor protection and that is silver ion technology. Silver is incorporated into the materials as an odor fighter, similar to a technology used by the military or the space agencies; where silver is used in the materials worn by personnel to fight odor. Degree manufacturing uses the same technology, it’s just that they include it in the makeup of the deodorant stick itself for effective odor control.

Because of their unique marketing approaches, labeling and design of their products, and advanced use of odor controlling technology; Degree deodorant products stand out from the rest and maintain a position of popularity that remains constant over time.

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