A Comprehensive Water Ionizer Comparison

In this article, we would like to provide you just a little information on one of our products via a water ionizer comparison. The Tyent Turbo and also the Enagic SD 501 will probably be the water ionizers compared in this article. This really is not to say that the Turbo will be the OVERALL greatest ionizer in the marketplace, simply that is is far superior towards the Enagic SD-501 in this particular machine-to-machine comparison.

The reason we’re bringing you this water ionizer comparison is because of the faith we have in the Tyent Turbo, and simply because we want you to save as a lot money as possible. This comparison begins and ends using the cost. The Tyent Turbo, a machine that will accomplish for you all the same alkalinity levels that the Enagic SD 501 can, is listed on our site for $2,495. The Enagic SD 501 sells for almost $4,000. These figures speak for themselves, but let us look at the products in question.

For one thing, the Tyent Turbo comes with a choice of gifts which are all very valuable. You are able to read about these on the website, but suffice to say that 1 choice is a three year supply of filters and the other two both carry a $200 value. We are talking cost quite a bit here but we also wish to point out that our unofficial motto is to purchase it right the very first time. In this case, the Tyent Turbo accomplishes every thing that the Enagic model does, and is much more cost effective.

The second most significant feature of the Tyent Turbo is that there are no chemicals added. The same could be stated for all of the ionizers that we sell, but it is specifically essential in regards to the Turbo simply because of the reality that it can accomplish all of the exact same water specifications as the Enagic model. The SD 105 nevertheless does add a saline answer to achieve the same results that the Tyent Turbo can without any kind of additive. We stand by the Turbo simply because we feel that the point of the ionizer, other then the process itself, if to filter your water and provide you the cleanest, least adulterated product possible.

The Tyent Turbo in this water ionizer comparison will be the best option of the two in our opinion. We do what we can to give you the very best possible value with out compromising quality. When we look in the water ionizers compared here, we really feel that the Tyent Turbo is far and away the best choice. The machine is easy to make use of, pleasing to the eye and produces the healthiest water that cash can buy. The components that make up this machine are top of the line and proven to last. It’s even recognized by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as ‘medical substance producing equipment’ because the water is shown to be so a lot healthier.

If you’re looking to purchase a water ionizer, spend your money the proper way and invest in the Tyent Turbo or among the other models featured on our site. Almost all of our machines are superior towards the Enagic SD-501 machine, and ought to accomplish the results you are looking for in a water filter. Don’t waste your cash on overpriced models or inexpensive water filter systems that use charcoal filters that compromise high quality. Invest the proper way, the first time.

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