A Comparison Of E-Cigarettes Compared To Traditional Cigarettes?

Cigarette smoking is one of the top habits that have caused a lot of controversy in recent times. There are many studies that have been conducted and they mostly seem to show that cigarette smoking is harmful to health. This has however not discouraged or slowed down smoking. Though it may be claimed that smoking has not reduced due to the addiction of smokers, there is evidence to show that a good number of new smokers are taking up the habit each day. This is despite the many warnings that are conspicuously and strategically placed so as to dissuade those who may be considering taking up smoking. Research has shown that the dangers of smoking are not only limited to the individual who is smoking but also extend to others who may be around the smoker. Smoking has been associated with several health conditions such as emphysema, cancer and bronchitis.

Electronic cigarettes have been introduced in an effort to protect those who are around smokers while protecting the rights of the smoker. Since it delivers the required dosage of nicotine with a similar smoking experience, users have found it to be an excellent alternative. This is done without the harmful emissions and side effects associated with regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are battery powered gadgets that deliver a vaporized solution which has the flavor and nicotine levels of a normal cigarette. Comprising of a mouth piece, heating element and battery, this device looks very similar to a regular cigarette. The mouth piece has a cartridge that contains e-liquid solution which is vaporized for the smoker to inhale.

One very good thing with electronic cigarettes is that there is no burning and thus no emissions are released. The vaporized e-liquids inhaled by the smoker is vapor and not smoke. Vapor cannot harm those who are around the smoker and it will have no effect on the environment.

These are the two main benefits that make electronic cigarettes a much preferable alternative to the conventional cigarettes. Smokers are better off with electronic cigarettes as they allow for reduced consumption of toxic substances. There are those who claim that electronic cigarettes have no side effects but that is not yet scientifically proven. It is however beyond any doubt that those people who are around a smoker are safer if they are smoking electronic cigarettes. Most public places where the smoking of regular cigarettes is banned actually allow the smoking of electronic cigarette starter kit .

Switching to electronic cigarettes has a number of benefits to offer the smoker. The availability of many different e-liquid flavors is the first of these benefits. Those who decide to stick to the flavors of their normal cigarette and those looking for new flavors all have a wide range of options to pick from. You can easily buy an e cigarette starter kit and e-liquid online or at a regular store, which makes switching very simple.

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