A Cold Can Be Prevented

Nobody wants to get sick. Everyone would like some time off from work sometimes, or at least from school, but if it happens when you are sick, it is a total waste.

Water is important to drink. If you want to be healthy, before or after getting a cold, lots of liquids are a must, mainly water. When you aren’t sick, you still need liquids. Having plenty of water in your system is imperative for good health, whether you are feeling good or wanting to not get sick. Drinking lots of water keeps every part of your body healthy and that makes it easier for you to fight off any cold or flu germs that might be trying to worm their way in to your system. Proper hydration can be maintained by drinking sixty-four ounces of water each day, or more, depending on your weight.

Eat right. This should go without saying but yet it still bears repeating. Proper nutrition is always important but it is more important during cold and flu season when people are more prone to getting sick. Vitamins and nutrients are products that are necessary for the body to do its job in fighting off sickness, and they are even more important during flu and cold season. The best way to go, is to change your foods from those that are full of chemicals to those that are natural foods which are healthier. At least following the food charts, eating what is nutritional for someone of your weight and height, and in the same age group.

Keep all of your household surfaces clean. There are all sorts of disposable wipes you can buy that will help you keep your household surfaces clean and sanitized. Wipe down everything a few times a day-counter tops, door handles, knobs, faucets, anything that people will be touching regularly should be sanitized and cleaned. A disinfecting solution should be used to clean these surfaces, or soap and water at the very least. This way germs won’t be hanging out on them and increasing your chances of getting sick. Anytime your immune system becomes compromised by being around sick people, which happens a lot during flu and cold season, sanitizing your house is a good idea.

One way to prevent yourself from getting sick, especially if others are, is to isolate yourself from those who are not feeling well. It is important to you and your family to remain as healthy as you can, so there is nothing wrong with staying away from those who are at risk for passing on the flu or a cold.

Your other option in this situation is to help the people with whom you regularly interact stay healthy: offer a hand sanitizer when they cough or sneeze, have vitamin C handy, keep all communal surfaces clean, etc. If you like to be around people, this would be the best option. Unless you have no problem handling being sick, then it would definitely be a good idea for you to stay away from sick people. If you are searching for a cure for your cold, you won’t find one. You can, however, take active steps to keep yourself from coming down with the cold or flu in the first place. Measures of prevention are practically all that flu and cold treatment is made up of. The effects of a cold or the flu are far worse than what the measures of prevention are.

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