A Beginner’s Handbook To Teeth Whitening

You’ll most likely have heard about the possibility of whitening your teeth, you may have also considered going to a specialist, but wanted to find out a little more about the procedure, how it actually works and if there are any risks associated with it prior to making your decision. Whether you’re just inquisitive or really considering going for the treatment, keep reading to determine more about teeth whitening.

Teeth naturally become darker since we age due to changes in the tooth structure and even lifestyle factors which can make the issue noticeably worse. Certain foods and drinks, like red wine and coffee, tobacco and even a few antibiotics cause discoloration of the teeth. People have been seeking to reverse these affects for over a hundred years and the treatments have become quite sophisticated.

Teeth whitening treatments differ from those you can use at home to treatments carried out by a dentist however they all invariably include bleaching of the enamel and the underlying layer called dentine. Home treatments include applying a bleaching gel to your teeth which is held in place by a sort of mouth guard.

Usually the effects of bleaching will persist for a couple of months however this could be reduced if an individual smokes or drinks a lot of coffee or red wine. There are even a range of other treatments if this type of bleaching does not work. Internal bleaching of the teeth can be performed or as a last resort, a thin veneer can be applied to the tooth to mask any staining.

As with any medical treatment, there are some risks affiliated with teeth whitening. With home treatments, there is an opportunity that you may apply an excess of bleaching gel and it may come into contact with sensitive areas in the mouth that can bring about chemical burns. If you have sensitive teeth, you might feel a bit of pain during the procedure. A few users may experience an increase in tooth sensitivity after the procedure, but this is only momentary and will disappear gradually over time. If you’ve sensitive teeth or gums, it is normally suggested you speak with your dentist before you go ahead with the treatment.

Although there are challenges related to the treatment, current advances in the technology can get rid of much of the negative effects. You should seek treatments that provide state of the art equipment, mostly those that eliminate the use of heat and UV light.

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