84 Days In 48 Seconds: Weight Loss Time Lapse

Now It’s Your Turn! Go To: www.RTP-Book.com AS SEEN In Mens Fitness US Edition & On TV in Japan which has used the “time-lapse” portion of this video in a 5-minute profile on my fast weight loss journey that was broadcast on national TV to 5000000 people. Eat Clean, Shred Hard, Think BIG! Cheers, Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT Blog www.RTP-Book.com Book www.RTP-Blog.com Song Better, Artist: Guns N Roses web.gunsnroses.com

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  1. heironeus86 says:

    Your belly halves in two shots…and from the 4th shots you’re like another…
    …if the muscles could grew at that rate, now I’d be Mr.Olympia…<_<

  2. NoobZorzGamer says:

    damn ur skinny hahaha

  3. wow! that was a nice video!

  4. Non te se po vede ci’hai un fisico da 80enne!!!

  5. jessedreams says:

    3 months!!! that’s too fast!!!

  6. forselisa says:

    ma sei brutto lo stesso scusa!

  7. itsHyunish says:

    No, it means he ran.. outside… that’s right, outside. The one place you don’t go to. And the 1st, 2nd, 3rd base, even the home plate.

  8. verjemAhajadba says:

    great photoshop skills bro

  9. Turquoise66 says:

    hmm…taste gross to me..yuck.
    i’m about 105 but i’m also tall..really skinny!

  10. ya this is fine and congrats but why the orange magic marker to the skin…. does being fit mean you should tan yourself with crap creme from walmart

  11. sweet00976 says:

    smilie is right..plus look at his skin color..its pale one day and orange the next..He has a gut in the first pic and in the necxt one you can almost see abs!

  12. alchemist166 says:


  13. smilie120 says:

    Ive been training longer than this bloke.. Go visit scooby for some good tips. Its only possibly to gain about 10kg of muscle per year.. This guy is obviously supplemented to shit.. You cannot go from obese to cut in 80odd days.. Just doesn’t happen.

  14. crazylifefb says:

    Wolllll….incribleeeeeee…..I wanna be so dedicated as you….But one day i’ll do”!!!!

  15. Woopy Fuckin Doo !

  16. hypnotherapyinlondon says:

    whatever time it took to achieve your goal, well done for making it.

  17. unleashdabastards says:

    nice pink pants

  18. machine233 says:

    u have no idea what youre talking about so shut the fuck up

  19. nathanhem says:

    i wud of stoped round about in the video 15 to 20 secs

  20. That’s 97lbs. In other words… REALLY LIGHT.
    (And I HATE tea.)

  21. smilie120 says:

    What’s your profession? Steroid sales man?

  22. machine233 says:

    Its very possible u stupid fuck. I see people do it all the time in my profession. VERY possible

  23. DeeperBlueThought says:

    Wow, if you were going to BS us into thinking this was just 84 days….then at least don’t make the biggest jump day 1!!!!

    An amature mistake. It would have been great to see the full video with all the pictures though.

  24. smilie120 says:

    This isn’t possible to achieve in 84 days.. without steroids..

  25. djb666777888 says:

    yeah, really retarded. but good work, maybe not in 4 days but anyways 😛

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