7 Simple Steps to Start Weight Loss

Here are 7 simple things you can do to start the weight loss process.


  1. You can start with an interval training (which is great for burning fat btw). Jog for 20 sec fast and then walk for a while and repeat this sequence a few times. This will gradually build up your strenght.

  2. I can’t see myself losing weight jogging, i can barely jog for a whole block right now lol.

  3. I think i do really well with all the steps but the last one throws me off… i do ALOT of late night snacking

  4. Hey, what would you suggest as a substitute to heavy drinks like beer? would fruit ciders be a better alternative?

  5. Hey Steve been looking at youre vids and they are pretty good 🙂 lots of the info u give i alrdy kinda knew coz i had a kewl gym teacher at school and i come from a place where home cooked meals and daily activities are pretty important,, anyway its good to see some real info on the web about losing weight and getting in shape coz theres tons of wrong information out there,, keep up the work and love my body !!111

  6. it’s not about what you eat , it’s all about what you do !!!…lift weights and do cardio , eat whatever you like , just don’t eat alot. ,/

  7. can i eat fastfood everyweek???, is that healthy and good for weight loss or not??? plz reply

    thnx Steve 🙂

  8. it’s true about the beer. if you drink alot of beer or wine you need to stop drinking for about 3 or 4 weeks for any weight loss program to be effective.

  9. Hi, love your videos, I thought I know a lot about weightloss (I always think I know everything anyway, haha) but some of the things you say are new to me so THANK YOU, you rock! : )

  10. no.. hes right if u eat befor u go to bed it makes u fatter becuase it takes slower digestion.

  11. HIIT-(high intensity interval training) Sprint for 1 minute walk swiftly for twmo mins.. sprint 7 times and your on fire!

  12. what’s the best cardio exercise for weight loss? I run almost every day because I can do it outside and not get bored but is there something better i can do to lose weight AND build endurance?

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